How to Make Your Pittsburgh Holiday Hassle-free in 5 Steps

Pittsburgh Holiday

Pittsburgh is a beautiful large city in the west of Pennsylvania. Even though there are plenty of things to do in Pittsburgh all year long, the best time to enjoy this city is fall. Only during this season you`ll be able to see authentic Pittsburgh in all its glory.

However, we understand that planning a trip is not the easiest thing to do. For this reason, our team decided to create this article. Here we will provide you 5 easy tips that will let you enjoy Pittsburgh without unnecessary worries.

Book tickets in advance and check-in them online

The first thing you should always do while planning your trip is book tickets. Try to do it ASAP, as it will save you money. 

Also, look through the company’s check-in rules. Today, most airlines offer online check-in, so there is a pretty big chance that your company does that too. This little thing will save you from long lines in the airport and, as a result, save you valuable time.

Book a rental car from a supplier that is in the airport 

At this point, you may think that you don’t need a car during the holiday. But you should never underestimate the importance of a rental car. Wanna go to the shopping mall on the outskirts or visit places above the city line? That’s why you need a car! But, in big cities, like Pittsburgh, navigation yourself is always a problem, especially if you don`t know it. Because of that, it is better for you to rent a car with a location at the airport.  In order to save time, you can use Enterprise Rent a Car at Pittsburgh International Airport to find the best car rental offers.

Double-check your accommodation

Any disappointment can easily destroy your holiday. That’s why try to search as much as you can about where you will stay. Read comments about providers on different sites, ask your friends about them and use only trusted sites for booking. Take care of your safety, and it will definitely pay back!

Plan your activities

As it was mentioned, there are loads of things to do in Pittsburgh. The most popular are:

  • Visiting festivals.
  • Visiting hockey matches.
  • Enjoying the beauty of the city’s parks.
  • Getting a tour through sightseeing. 

However, without any plan, you won’t be able to visit what you want, as you will simply be distracted by tons of other activities.

Relax and have fun

People always forget that the holiday is a time when you can even have fun. There’s no need to overthink every step you are going to take when you arrive. Of course, some plans should be, but try to make them flexible. No way you could calculate everything in advance, so why not leave some time for unexpected situations in order to do everything without hurry. After all, it is a holiday, isn’t it?


There still are loads of things that will help you make your holiday more hassle-free e.g. how to avoid peak times, places to eat cheaply, or where to find affordable cars for rent. But, unfortunately, we cannot write them all. However, in this article, we listed the basic ones. The ones that will 100% make your time off smooth and easy. And we hope that your holiday will be as perfect as you wish!

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