Indian Travellers Fuel the Rise of Adventure Tourism, Outshining Traditional Shopping Holidays

Indian travellers shopping

A relaxed holiday in Goa versus a fresh alpine holiday in Himachal is one of those age old debates. Everyone has a preference. According to a travel report by Acko, published in collaboration with YouGov, a market research company, destinations with scenic charm, whether in the mountains or by the sea, are equally appealing to Indian travellers, with 36% and 35% voting for each.

Indians travellers are becoming more adventurous with their travel plans, with one in three expressing a strong interest in taking adventurous holidays, or 33%. There are a few (29%) who prefer to shop, 26% who wish to visit theme parks, and 16% who would love to visit food. A large number of Indians prefer to travel to Dubai and Singapore as overseas destinations.

In India, the top travel destinations are Goa’s beaches (29%), Himachal’s scenic mountain towns (26%), Kerala’s backwaters (22%), Uttarakhand’s mystical mountains (20%), and Rajasthan, which literally means ‘land of the kings’ (20%).

A foreign land’s lure- Indian travellers to abroad

The majority of respondents plan to travel abroad, while 10% will only travel abroad by 2023. As a result of the pandemic, 31% of people said they wanted to take more international trips after their travel plans didn’t work out, so that could explain why more people want to travel abroad.

The findings also reveal that international travel is back with a vengeance post pandemic.

The amount of money Indians travellers spend on travel

Those who travel abroad are willing to loosen their purse strings. For international leisure trips, 18% spend less than ₹1 lakh, 47% spend between ₹1 lakh and ₹2 lakh, 24% spend between ₹4 lakh and ₹6 lakh, and 11% spend more than ₹6 lakh. The majority (55%) of respondents expect domestic holidays to cost less than ₹1 lakh after the pandemic. 48% will allocate a higher budget to their trip post-pandemic.

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