Travel Jobs Surge by 44% in Just One Year, with Gig Roles in High Demand

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During August 2023, the Indian tourism industry experienced a 44% increase in travel jobs. It is believed that this growth is a result of a combination of factors, including an increase in disposable incomes and an increase in leisure and business travel within the country, according to a report by talent platform foundit.

Due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, India’s travel and tourism industry saw a significant decline in job postings by 47% in 2020 and another 27% drop in 2021 due to COVID-19.

Despite a modest increase in hiring in 2022, 2023 has seen a strong resurgence, driven by renewed public confidence in travel and government initiatives to boost the sector.

Additionally, India’s affordable wellness industry has played a key role in attracting medical tourists and contributing to the industry’s recovery.

The travel and tourism industry has truly recovered from the pandemic, driven by Government initiatives to develop infrastructure and promote heritage,” stated Sys Sekhar Garisa, CEO. The country has also allowed 100% foreign direct investment into tourism construction projects, and its participation in the G20 summit has further bolstered sustainable tourism.”

Positions and salaries at key levels

In the travel and tourism industry, key positions in demand include sales and business development (23%), software and electrical engineers (12%), and marketing and communication professionals (8%), according to foundit data. A significant portion of the job market is also filled by roles such as chef (5%) and medical representative (5%).

As a result of 49% of online hiring intent in August 2023, freshers and entry-level talent (0-3 years of experience) accounted for the largest demand segment. Freshers are valued by employers for their cost-efficiency, adaptability, and readiness to embrace emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. A total of 14% of demand was accounted for by intermediate-level professionals (4-6 years) and top management (15+ years).

Demand for gig roles

To recruit and retain employees, businesses are turning to digital transformation and technology in the face of layoffs and economic challenges caused by the pandemic. As a result of a talent shortage and rising tourist demand, gig economy models are being adopted in the travel sector. Foundit data shows a 14% increase in gig roles since January 2023.

The tourism industry frequently undergoes changes in demand throughout the year, leading to gig work becoming a viable option. This is particularly useful during high-demand periods and occasions. By hiring gig workers, companies can effectively manage their labor expenses during slower seasons. In the travel and tourism sector, gig positions encompass a range of roles such as tour guides, translators, photographers, and event planners. These professionals are brought on for specific projects to provide their specialized skills at the necessary time. This method promotes flexibility and cost-efficiency in meeting changing levels of demand.

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