What Are Vacation Club Points?

buying vacation club points

Did you know the average American only gets 15-19 paid vacation days per year even after 10 years of service? This isn’t a lot, so you’ll want to make the most of this precious time, and buying vacation club points can be a great idea. 

But what are these types of points and how do they work? You’ll be hoping to book a dream vacation, and it’s important to be sure a points-based system is the right choice for your next trip. 

By the time you’ve read this brief guide, you’ll know why so many people use vacation points year after year. 

Sit back, relax, and imagine you’re on vacation while we find out more. 

What Are Vacation Club Points?

Vacation club points are a type of timeshare, but they offer more options than are found in a standard timeshare arrangement. You buy vacation points from a company such as the Marriott Vacation Club, and they provide you with access to their range of resorts.

Each resort is allocated a certain number of points, and you can visit them if you have the requisite number. This means you can change destinations each year if you wish, offering you the chance to visit new and exotic locations. 

You buy annually, and there is the opportunity to save unused points towards the following year or to borrow from the upcoming year and use them now. 

What Can I Get With My Vacation Club Points?

There are a few key factors that you must take into account when buying vacation club points as this will ensure you’re purchasing a suitable amount for your needs. Don’t overlook these 3 aspects.

Timeshare Resort

The more points you have, the more options you’ll have when it comes to picking a resort. While every location is beautiful, you may find some destinations are more luxurious than others and these will cost more points. 

To learn how many points you need for each destination, you can look at these MVC points charts.

Length of Vacation

If you want to spend a full week at a Marriott timeshare, this will require more points than if you are only spending the weekend. Therefore, if you prefer to take longer breaks, it’s best to purchase more points or borrow from next year’s total.

Time of Year

You’ll require more points to book a resort if you’re going at one of the busier times of the year. However, this also means you could grab a bargain if you’re happy to vacation during colder months when others may prefer to stay at home.

Enjoy the Benefits of Buying Vacation Club Points

When you buy vacation club points, you’ll have access to a fantastic range of benefits. Not only will you be able to pick from a terrific range of resorts, but you’ll also be able to decide when you go and how long you’ll stay. If you fancy upgrading your options, you can even borrow more points to give you a wider range of choices. 

This could be the way you book every vacation from now on!

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