Plan Your Next Trip with Ease: The Smart New Tools from Google

New Tools from Google

In preparation for the busy travel season, Google plans to make traveling hassle-free for its users. The tech giant has introduced a few new features-tools from Google Search that aim to assist travelers in finding affordable flights and hotels and suggest activities to do while on vacation. Three new search features are expected to be helpful for travelers, according to a recent blog post.

Firstly, users will be able to browse and book hotels on their mobile devices with the addition of a mobile-friendly hotel browsing feature. In addition, users can get the best airfare deal with a price guarantee for flights. Where users can find activities and things to do while on their trip using the third feature, which makes vacation planning much easier.

A Look to New Tools from Google Benefiting Travellers

In the past, it was tedious to read reviews and compare prices when searching for hotels on a mobile device. Google, however, has introduced a new hotel browsing feature that is mobile-friendly, enhancing the user experience significantly. If a user searches for ‘Hotels in Delhi’ and clicks on ‘view more,’ they can view each property in a swipeable story format.

Once users have finished exploring, they can simply swipe up to continue browsing. Users can browse photos of the hotel, save them for later, access more information about the surrounding area, and review a summary of the hotel’s noteworthy features.

A price guarantee badge, introduced in the US as a pilot program, is the most intriguing feature among the new features. Google’s monitoring of daily price changes allows users to identify the lowest price before takeoff for a flight with this feature. The new badge provides a more specific indication of the lowest price available, rather than just indicating low, typical, or high prices.

Activities to do

In the final feature, users will be able to discover the top attractions and experiences close to their vacation destinations. Users will be able to see prices directly on the listing of an attraction or tour company when searching for them and book tickets easily, according to Google. Additionally, attractions will include suggestions for similar experiences, so users can explore more options.

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