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1300-years-old ancient Hindu temple discovered in northwest Pakistan

Hindu temple found in Pakistan

An ancient Hindu temple was discovered in Pakistan. The temple was discovered at Barikot Ghundai.

It is believed that the temple was built by Pakistani and Italian archaeological experts. The temple was built around 1300 years ago. The temple that has been discovered is of Lord Vishnu.

The temple was built 1300 years ago in the Hindu royal period. Hindu Shahi was a Hindu dynasty that ruled in the Kabul Valley in Pakistan.

Archaeologists found traces of cantonments and sentinels near the temple site.

Experts also found a water tank near the temple area, which is like a holy water body before entering the temple. The holy bath of the Hindu is mandatory before entering the Hindu temple.

Hindus have been found in the royal period.

It is the first Hindu temple discovered in the Swat district. Swat district is among the top 20 destinations in Pakistan, which attracts tourists for its natural beauty, tourism, culture, and archaeologists.

Even many places of worship of Buddhism are located in the Swat district. Swat river is famous in this district. It was also part of the Gandhara kingdom in ancient times.

According to archaeologists, this is the first Hindu temple of Gandhara civilization found in the Swat district of Pakistan. By the way, Swat district is such a beautiful place and it is known for its beauty. People come here for tourism for religious purposes.

This discovery was done by Fazal Khaliq of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Department of Archeology on Thursday. It is truly amazing which is ancient. Hindu Shahi or Kabul Shahi was a Hindu dynasty that ruled in the Kabul Valley, Afghanistan.

In earlier times what was happened we can know our today’s recovery. Most of the country is connected with the Hindu religion and many belives in our religion. There are various ancient temples that are in the world which are not even found now.

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