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The First Picture of Abu Dhabi’s Hindu Temple has been released

Abu Dhabi's first Hindu temple

The temple management has released a picture of Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple on the Internet.

The first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi will be decorated with Hindu epics from Hindus, scriptures, and ancient stories from India. The design of the temple is traditionally hand-carved, hand-carved, with stone pillars.

The picture of the temple has been released via video clip.

The foundation of the temple

The foundation of the temple was laid in April 2019. Its construction was started in December 2019. The temple is built for global harmony. The final plan of the temple has been released through the Internet.

What will the temple consist of?

The temple will have a library, a classroom, a Majlis, and a community center which will be built on the premises of the temple.

Waterfalls at the entrance of the temple.

Temple Master Plan

The temple’s master plan was completed in early 2020. It is the first time in history that the final design of the scene has been released via the Internet.

The work of the temple is still supported by leaders of India and UAE by community guidance. The stonework of the temple continues in India. The temple will be embellished with fine ancient art and architecture. The stories and carvings cover diverse parts of India’s geography and belief.

It also includes Mahabharata and Ramayana designs.

The temple will be uniquely identified by a complex troupe. They share traditional values ​​from all over India as well as from Gulf countries.

The temple will have beautiful carvings with statues several meters high. The temple will be made of marble from Italy and the sandstone of Rajasthan will be used in this temple.
The next phase of the foundation at the site to prepare for the arrival of the carved stones assembled in 2021.

Construction is moving forward

Swami Narayan Santhan, the organization working there, is working on the construction of the temple.

The Indian community constitutes 30% of the total population of the UAE. This bay is the largest community in the country. More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information.

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