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Diwali: First Deepotsav in Ayodhya since Ram temple construction

diwali deepotsav ayodhya 2020

The birthplace of Lord Ram Ayodhya will be its first Deepotsav this Diwali! The first Deepotsav will be held on this Friday. It is being celebrated on the occasion of the decision of the first Ram temple which has been taken this year. Diwali Deepotsav is expected to be celebrated at the Ram temple.

The birthplace of Rama Ayodhya will be fully decorated with millions of Diyas, beautiful paintings, amazing rangoli since the festival started from there. Millions of Diyas will be involved during this Diwali. Lamps will be placed at Ram’s Pedi Ghat and 300 other places.

The Government Promoting Women Empowerment

According to the Yogi Aditya Nath regime, he had decided to promote women empowerment. All the women will stage the Ramlila at the Sathya Sai Ramlila group Deepavali festival. He had decided to show the Mission Shakti program at this festival.
All the characters of Ramlila will be played by women and the lyrics and direction will be managed by other members. In fact, the role of Rama’s will also be played by a woman.

Deepotsav will promote mission power through its cultural programs. Their aim is to promote women empowerment. Many women are going to show their talent on this Ramlila as per records.

Covid rules will be strictly followed 

We all know that it is time for Coronavirus and precautions will be taken for our safety.
Hence the safety rule will also be followed, it is a strict order from the UP government.

The first Depotsav will last three days to avoid overcrowding. Only loggers will be allowed to enter the venue where Governor and Yogi Adityanath will be present.

The event will also be broadcast live to the audience. But security concerns will remain the same. Safety measures will also be followed.

According to Yogi Adityanath, Deepotsav will be held in Ayodhya this year. Due to the epidemic, there are virtual Deepotsav for other devotees. Devotees who are unable to offer a lamp at the Ram temple can light a lamp through the website. This Deepotsav will be historic for us as it is the first Deepotsav since the construction of the Ram temple.

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