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Chinese Man’s Football Betting App Scam Shocks Gujarat with a Whopping Rs 1,400 Crore Theft!

Football betting app scam in india

The Gujarat police recently arrested a Chinese man and his partners in connection with a football betting app scam of digital deception. Within nine days, the group allegedly stole approximately Rs 1,400 crore from about 1,200 people.

During his stay in India between 2020 and 2022, Woo Uyanbe, a Chinese national from the Shenzhen region, was responsible for this elaborate scam. Uyanbe operated the fraud from Patan and Banaskantha in Gujarat.

The scam used a fake football betting app

The Gujarat Police formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the case football betting app scam due to its large scale. This matter was first reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in June 2022, after it was discovered that the culprits were duping Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh victims with a mobile application called ‘Dani Data’.

The investigation initiated by the Agra police led the CID’s crime team to uncover the deceptive scheme and its connections to several individuals in north Gujarat.

An officer from the CID told TOI that during the investigation, the Chinese national met and enticed locals with promises of immense wealth in Patan and Banaskantha. The app was launched in May 2022 by him and his Gujarati accomplices, attracting people to place bets and promising high returns.”

Viewers who watch Football on a regular basis was trap

In an astonishing average of Rs 200 crore per day, Uyanbe exploited people of various ages, ranging from 15 to 75 years, who were passionate about football games.

At first, the targeted individuals could see their investments in the app. However, the app abruptly stopped working after nine days, causing individuals to realize that their investments had been misdirected.

By the time the case was filed, Uyanbe had already left India. Uyanbe was charged with cheating and violating the IT Act by the Gujarat police in August 2022.

In its investigation, the CID also focused on nine Gujarati people who were allegedly assisting Uyanbe. It was discovered that these collaborators had established shell companies to facilitate the transfer of stolen funds.

The CID’s crime branch filed a chargesheet in March against Uyanbe, who allegedly operates his fraudulent network from Shenzhen using multiple apps.

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