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Has carbon emissions slowed down during the epidemic? Check this report…

Save nature from carbon emissions

The lockdown of the world has a positive effect on nature. Pandemic lockdown effects carbon emissions. The air becomes cleaner and the water naturally purifies. Lockdown was the time when nature recovers itself.

Global temperature

The Earth already warns of global warming due to a rise in temperature by 1.2 degrees Celsius.

WHO declares epidemic on 11 March 2020.

Even it fell into human activity and the world went into lockdown.

No human activities are affected during lockdown time.

Factories closed, cars shut down and applause closed.

Even some non-expected things happened.

Climate impact

Well, the epidemic forces us to think about nature and the harmful effects it has on nature today.

Harmful effects on nature such as – greenhouse effect, pollution, water pollution, rising temperature, etc.

Global carbon emissions were decreasing during the lockdown period.

Co2 was introduced by nature and it is really helpful in healing nature.

The walking of human activity allows nature to relax a little, but the given lockdown itself had some time to rest.

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Lockdown was a mirror to nature

By the way, the lockdown was a mirror for nature and we see a lot of changes in nature.

Lockdown reduces carbon emissions in nature.

Carbon emissions were coming from different places.

World lockdown was indeed effective against nature. Co2 was decreasing by 7% from Earth.

Google and Apple mobility data to reflect changes in 10 different pollutants.

Even the cause of pollution is the combustion of fossil fuels and cement production.

The epidemic will have less impact in both the short and long term on efforts to combat climate change.

The global temperature will only be around 0.01 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, the lockdown has a minor effect on nature.

Air pollutant spilled

By 2030, simple climate models have predicted a low of about 0.01C.

There should be a plan for climate change.

By the way, lockdown is not only the right action for climate change. We need to find solutions to promote health, equity, and well-being.

The situation we are facing will be more serious for us in the future.

A green investment is important to all, the investments are essential for the strong  climate action which will be integrated further into the future investments.

The right measures should be taken on time, otherwise, it will be very difficult to face it in the future.

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