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Earth’s Climate Stability Depends on Amazon rainforest

Earth's Climate Stability Depends on Amazon rainforest

Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest. It covers approximately 2.2 million square miles. Amazon rainforest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen and plays an essential role in regulating and maintaining the global climate.

Due to the continued destruction of its forest, it is measured that as many as ten thousand square kilometers of drought per year turn into a spring, it affects the climate of our earth around the world, experts warn.

For your information, Amazon covered with more than 5 million square kilometres, the Amazon’s dense tropical canopy stores a huge amount of carbon that is almost similar to the 10 times of the humanity discharge into atmosphere every year.

And, It is expected that around 20 of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared over the last half century.

For your knowledge trees stores carbon and when a tree is cut it release carbon into atmosphere; when it burns, the CO2 escapes all at once, which leads to the global warming.

Global forest soaks 25-30 percent CO2 that humanity release into atmosphere and Ocean absorbs another 20 percent. The carbon dioxide also play an important role in absorbing the earth’s temperature which is already becoming hotter day by day; it contribute to the global warming.

According to the World Resource Institute(WRI), an environmental policy think tank that approximately 160,000 square kilometres of tropical trees cover lost worldwide in 2017, out of them 35 percent was from Amazon and more than a quarter from Brazil.

A senior fellow of WRI, Frances Seymour said earlier this year that world’s tropical forest now in the emergency room.

“The health of the planet is at stake. With every hectare lost we almost closure to the scary scenario of runaway climate change.

Amazon rainforest is often know as “the lungs of the planet” which produce significant percentage worlds’ oxygen, but it is no correct. There are other reasons need to be worried about such as Carbon, Climate, Water, Biodiversity etc.

But thank God, Oxygen is not an issue need to worry about.

But there are other numerous reasons to be worried about such as the main issue is global warming, so, we should try all possible ways to save our nature. Save trees.

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