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Will the ‘Mitti Kulhad’ make plastic-free India?

Mitti Kulhads will make plastic-free India

Mitti kulhads will replace plastic tea cups at every railway station of India. Mitti Kulhads, also known as an earthen cup, is a very good step towards making plastic-free India.

The announcement was given by Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal on 29 November, the action has taken for pollution and plastic-free environment. He also said that the initiative will be taken by the railways to reduce the use of plastics. This is a contribution to the plastic-free movement for India.

Tea is serves in trains at every railway station in India, which can lead to many cups every day to address this situation, an initiative taken by the government for an environmentally friendly initiative.

Provide more employments

Earthen cups(Mitti Kulhads) also provide employment to many people whom they can make and sell cups to railway tea vendors at the railway station.

Many people from small villages can find employment to make kulhad and they can earn money.

Making kulhads will brings lots of jobs for everyone.

In small villages, people face many difficulties in employment. It helps those needy people so that they can earn the money.

Make Plastic-free India

This is a major step towards a plastic-free India. The kulhad is dissolved in the soil sometime after it is disposed of. There are many benefits of clay cups which really give an amazing taste to tea and people like to drink it.

Soil is best in its own way as it gives many health benefits to the people and is environmentally friendly. According to a research, Mithi Kulhad are more preferred by Indians than plastic cups.

Plastic took millions of years to dissolve in the soil and even it produces toxic smoke in the air while burning. Plastic is harmful in every way, there is no way to deal with it.

This step taken by government will surely help us to make plastic-free India. Millions of plastic cups are disposed of every day by the railways. It is our duty to protect our environment so we can try to reduce plastic pollution. As a citizen, we try to reduce the use of pollution.

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