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Scientists: 2022 to be among ten hottest years on record

2022 to be among ten hottest years on record

Presently, scientists are concerned regarding 2022 being amongst the ten hottest years on record. 

Furthermore, the world witnessed a baking start of 2022 in rising temperatures. 

Moreover, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states that 2022 is already hot. 

Scientists from all over the globe are over 99 percent sure on 2022 ranking in the ten hottest years. 

After all, January and February’s global surface temperature recorded to be the 6th highest on record. 

What made scientists so sure about 2022 being amongst the top 10 hottest years?

NOAA recently revealed 28.6% chances of 2022 being amongst the top-5 hottest years. 

Moreover, this data clearly shows a 2.8% chance of 2022 being the hottest year ever recorded. 

Furthermore, NOAA revealed that February was the seventh warmest February in 1432 years. 

Last month’s temperature was at 0.81C (1.46F) above the 20th century’s average of 12.1C (53.9F). 

Perhaps, these climate crises around the globe might turn into various extreme climate events. 

Presently, there are several regions from around the globe facing Cooler than average winters, 

  • North America
  • Greenland
  • Some parts of North Africa
  • Central and Southern Asia 
  • Australia 
  • Southeastern Pacific Ocean 

Moreover, certain regions from the globe witnessed above-average temperatures, 

  • Europe
  • Eastern India 
  • North and West Pacific ocean
  • Western and Northern Russia 
  • South Africa 

As per National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), “the Arctic Ice Sea extent was the 14th most minor last month after 44 years.”

Moreover, The Antarctic sea ice extent in February 2022 was the smallest, i.e., 29.6% less than below-average. 


Perhaps, it is time for world leaders to take climate change issues more seriously than ever. 

After all, such speculations can spool into major climate crises further down the line.

Hence, scientists’ speculations of 2022 being amongst the ten hottest years ever recorded might turn into a severe climate issue. 

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