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Japan is the country stands for Never Give up.

Japan is the country that was constantly affected by natural disasters!

But the changing has recovered from the trouble and it’s bad luck.

The most popular good luck in Japan

The most popular good luck lucky attraction is Bodhidharma – the founder of Buddhism.

The construction of the idol began about 200 years ago.

And this statue is sold all over Japan.

Daruma dolls — Good luck dolls are great with a simple good luck charm.

Daruma is red in color and it is weighted at the base and you can move it from side to side.

Japan is the country regularly vulnerable to natural disasters

Japan is the country that is prone to natural disasters as well as man made frequent disasters.

Japan has been giving a steady boom over the years.

Japan was hit by an earthquake in 1923, even as it leveled Tokyo.

In the year 1945, atomic bombs were also dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Kobe Earth earthquake also hit Japan in 1995.

The Sarin gas attack took place in Tokyo 2 years after the nuclear attack in Japan. Not only earthquakes and nuclear struck Japan. The tsunami, nuclear meltdown in 2011 was also a hit.

In October of 2012, Hurricane Habibis caused widespread destruction and death.

Japan is a model of resonance

Well, Japan is the country that always recovers as soon as it falls down.

Daruma which is Japan’s lucky charm, set as a reminder that no matter how many times you get down, you will always bounce back up.

Daruma is also a Japanese proverb

Well, Daruma is also a Japanese proverb that means – Nana korobi yoki which means seven times up and eight times down.

The whole of Japan is strongly associated with the ideology of Daruma.

The language of flexibility and bigotry in each day of speech in Japan.

Reconstruction of Japan

After the earthquake in Japan in 1923, the reconstruction of Japan was started.

After the hit by the US Air Force, it was again transformed into the modern city of Hiroshima.

It was also completely re-organized as the Peace of the Monument City, which called the 1949 construction law a real and lasting peace abiding.

For the last few years, the Fukushima Prefecture Government has been promoting the concept of hope tourism. This allowed tourists to see the current state of the disaster-affected areas and help them build their future.

Their purpose may be to rebuild travelers and learn from impending plagues.

Even travelers definitely think about them and help shape them again.

After the 2011 disaster, Okamoto said that renewable energy is trending throughout Japan. All nuclear power plants were stopped and investment in solar power increased.

Four years later in 2015, nuclear power plants were restarted in Fukushima.

The government aims to connect electricity to 100% renewable energy.

Disasters experiences make their people patient and united the country of Japan

Well, when they were a lot of natural and man-made disasters made the Japanese people patient and united in difficult times.

The torch for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was actually scheduled to begin in Fukushima in March 2020, but was postponed due to an epidemic and would change in 2021.

Even this will help the country to recover from the epidemic.

Well, the fear of disasters disappeared with time. The worst-case has no choice but to hope for the better always gets some of the best.

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