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A Quick Guide to the Practical Benefits of Fragment 176-191 Peptide

Fragment 176-191 Peptide

Fragment 176-191 is a human growth hormone peptide fragment that remains isolated to the 176th to 191st amino. Better known as AOD9604, this fragment is typically made from amino acids 177-191 and has an additional amount of tyrosine amino acid.

On the other hand, the HCG Fragment 176-191 has shown significant results in fat reduction.

Fat Reduction and Fragment 176-191

The AOD9604 or Fragment 176-191 has shown the unique capability of burning through the adipose tissue. And several studies have deliberately revealed that it can achieve better results than its predecessor – AOD9401.

Just like the growth hormones, Fragment 176-191 typically stimulates the breakdown of fat. Besides, it also has the incredible capability of preventing fatty food from being transformed into body fat. You’d be surprised to know that all of these fascinating results have been obtained from clinical research and laboratory testing.

In fact, a long-term mice treatment has revealed that Fragment 176-191 is capable of inducing weight loss. It is directly related to the fat breakdown capability of the synthetic peptide. However, the primary reason behind this characteristic is not clearly understood.

The peptide can most probably trigger weight loss when it binds to the beta(3)-adrenergic receptors. Here, the receptors are typically linked to the breakdown of body fat. Recent studies have also revealed that the peptide can seamlessly reduce mid-abdomen fat.

Other Effects of Fragment 176-191 Peptide

Some other prominent effects shown by Fragment 176-191 are:

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Studies have shown that the c-terminal end of hCG is mainly responsible for the hypoglycemic effects of the protein. And when six different fragments were tested, Fragment 176-191 revealed the most effective synthetic derivative of hCG. This typically promoted the lowering of blood sugar levels.

While this effect is secondary, there can be a sustainable increase in plasma insulin levels. In fact, Fragment 176-191 can also be used as a treatment for both type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

  • Promotes Cartilage Regeneration

Even though Fragment 176-191 is immensely popular for its lipolytic properties, it’s still under research for extracting more prominent benefits. However, certain studies revealed that this peptide might have the capability of potentiating the effects of hyaluronic acid injections. Thus, it can efficiently promote cartilage regeneration.

Positive Features of Fragment 176-191 Peptide

Apart from providing aid in losing weight and fat-burning benefits, there are several other noteworthy effects of the peptide. Some other prominent and positive results include improved sleep patterns and increased bone mineral density.

Certain studies have also revealed that Fragment 176-191 can increase the levels of IGF-1. This typically imparts anti-aging effects, which are quite similar to that of the human growth hormone.

To Conclude

Fragment 176-191 Peptide has shown remarkable effectiveness in obesity treatment and fat reduction. Besides, it is immensely safer than the Human Growth Hormone.

Studies have also revealed that using the fragment for 30 days straight has significantly helped in reducing body fat. Until today, no severe side effects of Fragment 176-191 are identified. And no side effects will come into existence as long as the stipulated and prescribed dosage limits are being adhered to.

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