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Australia: ‘Sperm Donor’ is the legal father status to the High Court

Australia: Sperm Donor is the legal father status to the High Court

Sydney, AFP A strange event has emerged in Australia’s city of Sydney. A High Court of Australia here has given a strange verdict. In the order of the High Court, an incident is mentioned. A man who gave his sperm a sperm for a decade ago, so that he could have a baby. According to an order of the High Court, this child has the legal right of a sperm donor. The court said that because the name of the sperm donor is written in the birth certificate of the child, due to this the person has a direct connection with the child She is the father of that girl. So now it has to be seen whether the girl wants to go to New Zealand with her parents or not.

The man who goes by the name of ‘Robert’ for legal reasons – in 2006, he agreed to donate his sperm to a friend through artificial insemination. The court ordered that even though Robert was not living with the baby girl, in spite of this, Robert’s child had an important role in financial support, health, education, and general welfare.

Let me tell you, this problem came out when the child’s mother and her partner thought of settling in New Zealand in 2015. Judge Margaret Clei ruled that a lower court was wrong for a decision against the father and concluded that the child should stay in Australia so that he can have the right to visit. However, it is not clear whether the case can set an example for future decisions, given the nuances of this relationship.

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