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World Blood Donor Day 2019: 1% population can meet the need, India is far behind

World Blood Donor Day

Blood donation is considered one of the best donation in the world. That’s the reason World Blood Donor Day is being celebrated every year in the world. There are numerous advantages to the giver. Likewise, blood is a wonder which is chosen between limited options.

With serious sickness or reduction of blood in the mishap, in excess of 30 lakh, individuals pass on consistently in India, while just a single percent populace can finish this blood donation by giving blood.

Surprisingly, in spite of being the world’s biggest populace, India is a long ways behind in blood donation. Indeed, even our neighboring nations are long ways in front of us in this sort of donation.

World Blood Donor Day is praised on June 14, 2019, to dispense with blood inadequacy. Tell us some significant data identified with blood donation on this event, which powers us to consider it.

Consistently around 100 million individuals give blood everywhere throughout the world. Half of these benefactors are from created nations.

In other creating nations including India, there is less mindfulness among individuals about blood donation. Consistently in India, individuals experiencing sicknesses or genuine mishaps need blood in one crore and two million units.

Out of this, lone 9 million units of blood are accessible and about 3 million individuals don’t get blood on time.

Figures show that small awareness towards blood donation can completely eliminate this problem. You would be surprised to know that if only one percent of the country’s population donates blood, then that nation will never face a shortage of blood.

Why do we celebrate World Blood Donor Day?

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated in the memory of Karl Landsteiner, who have gotten Nobel Prize in Physiology all through the world. Its purpose is to promote blood donation and to expel the misconceptions identified with it.

On this day, on June 14, 1868, the birth of logical Karl Landsteiner was. They recognized the blood group A, B and O group based on the nearness of agglutinin in the human blood. This classification of blood made a huge contribution to Medical science. Karl Landsteiner was given the Nobel Prize in 1930 for the same discovery.

Status of blood donation in neighboring nations

In India where just 75 percent of blood is required from blood donation, neighboring nations are long ways in front of us for this situation. There is a requirement for 90 percent blood donation in Nepal. 60% of the necessity in Sri Lanka, 95% in Thailand, 77% in Indonesia and 60% of the all-out prerequisite of blood donation in Myanmar.

In spite of the fact that India is a long ways behind in blood donation, there is likewise developing mindfulness among individuals. Punjab and Madhya Pradesh are at the front line of blood donation in the country.

In Tanzania, willful blood donation was just 20 percent in 2005, which expanded to 80 percent in 2007.

In Brazil, it is unlawful to give cash or to get remuneration for blood donation or other human organ or tissues.

In Italy, blood benefactors get a comfortable occasion on World Blood Donor Day. Here the business likewise offers extra advantages for consolation to the benefactor.

Just 10 percent of women donating blood

Blood donation can increment, yet women are not ready to give blood. The reason, they don’t get medically fit. As indicated by specialists, women’ commitment to willful blood donation stays just around 10 percent.

The most compelling purpose for this is their hemoglobin under 12.5 grams, which is essential for blood donation. On the off chance that hemoglobin is alright, at that point the weight remains pretty much nothing or to an extreme.

Blood donation is not a week

All helpful research has demonstrated that there is no shortcoming in the body from blood donation. Indeed, even in the summer, there is no shortcoming in donating the blood. It is an alternate issue that individuals avoid from giving blood by looking at sunlight and heat. While the interest for blood in the mid-year increments essentially.

The requirement for Blood Donation in India

  • Consistently around 10,000 kids in India is born into the world with sickness like thalassemia.
  • A significant number of these children die because of the absence of blood at the time.
  • There are more than one lakh Thalassemia patients in India, which require a successive blood transfusion.
  • In India, just eight out of a thousand people make an intentional blood donation.
  • There are 100 percent intentional blood donation in 60 nations of the world.
  • Individuals here don’t take cash in return for blood. Patients in 73 nations of the world need to rely upon glucose or blood venders for blood. India is one of them.
  • The absence of blood may not be expelled from any drug or treatment. That implies there is not a viable replacement for blood. Around 100 million individuals give blood each year around the globe.
  • In India 20 million individuals are required each year because of illness or accident. Just 9 million individuals get blood each year in India, while three million individuals die from getting blood.
  • In the year 1997, the World Health Organization launched the 100% voluntary blood donation.
  • World Health Organization has welcomed 124 noteworthy nations to take an interest in the campaign and called for voluntary blood donation.

Facts about blood donation

  • people between 18 to 65 years old, who are more than 50 kg, can give blood.
  • A typical individual has 10 units (around 5-6 liters) of blood in his body. Just a single unit of blood is taken in blood donation.
  • Ordinarily, just a single car accident requires 100 units of blood. When blood donation can spare the lives of three individuals.
  • Blood group ‘O’ is negative for just seven percent of India’s population. The ‘O’ negative blood gathering is an all-inclusive benefactor, implying that the blood of this gathering can be given to anybody.
  • The procedure of donation is very straightforward and there is no trouble in managing it.
  • Blood donation must be given on the heaviness of the blood giver, blood pressure, pulse rate, and so forth.
  • Men can perform customary blood donation for a quarter of a year and ladies in four months interims.
  • Not every person can give blood. It is significant for you to be sound for blood donation.
  • If you have dizziness, sweating, loss of weight or some other kind of issue after blood donation, at that point, you don’t give blood.

Advantages of blood donation

  • The danger of a heart assault from blood donation is extraordinarily diminished.
  • Blood clusters don’t gather in the veins by blood coagulating.
  • Standard blood donation keeps the blood consistent and bloodstream is right in the body.
  • Blood donation helps in getting in shape.
  • Blood donation must be done in any event two times per year.
  • Blood donation originates from the body on the grounds that the fresh recruits are shaped in the body. This additionally makes the body tidy.
  • Blood donation gives help from liver-related issues. There is a weight on the liver when the iron is expanded in the body. The iron substance is adjusted by blood donation.
  • With the amount of iron being adjusted in the body, the danger of both liver disease and cancer is wiped out.
  • By giving a unit blood donation, your body diminishes 650 calories.

Precautions before giving the blood

  • Donate the blood simply after the age of 17.
  • The weight of the donor ought not to be under 45 to 50 kg.
  • Try not to consume liquor, smoking, and tobacco 24 hours before giving blood.
  • When giving blood you ought not to have any genuine or infectious sickness or are not consuming any medicine.
  • Women can’t give blood during the period or during breastfeeding. Eat good sleep and healthy food before giving blood.


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