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Brazil became another hotspot destination of Coronavirus, which broke all records

Brazil coronavirus updates

According to the Brazilian Health Minister, the number of people in Brazil was reduced due to coronavirus. Brazil is the second-largest coronavirus country in the world after the US and India.

Brazil has passed more than 5 million infections in this week. This is due to a lack of expert advice and security measures.

Brazil has the highest number of deaths after the US. According to the report, about 1,50,198 people have died of coronavirus in Brazil. Colombia is also one of the most hit countries with 27,495 people killed and 8,94,300 confirm cases.

The number of coronavirus cases is gradually decreasing as the days pass. There were approximately 1000 death cases per day. People criticized it for reducing the risk of Covid-19 by calling it the little flu. The President rejected their Criticism. Brazilian people lack discipline for failure to spread the virus.

The country has more and more infections from day to day which is really terrible for them. They are not maintaining good social distancing norms. This is a matter of concern for Brazilian people. The virus continues to spread there and the death toll is also increasing.

Brazil comes after India and America. The country will have to take some security measures to protect it. The president is being quiet about not following good security measures. This country is the most affected.

Brazilians are not maintaining social distinctions well, this is the main reason for spreading corona. The greater security measures they took for it, the greater the virus would control.
There is a greater need for social discrimination, cleanliness. This reflects the failure of the system as to how their mismanagement led to major issues for them.

Cases of death are increasing day by day, it is only the need for safeguards and protective measures for them. Every country needs to take strict action against those who do not follow their safety norms, only cleaning their hands, avoiding crowded areas, can only protect by wearing masks.

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