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Chinese Scientists Has Developed Gene Therapy Which Could Delay Aging

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Scientists from China, Beijing has developed Gene therapy that can reduce the aging in the human body. Even it can reverse the effects of aging and extend the life span of humans. One day it can contribute to healing for humans. The method detailed in a paper in the Journal of Science Translational Medicine earlier this month.

This involves inactivating a gene called Kat7 that scientists have found to be a significant contributor to cellular aging. Gene therapy is the primary treatment of aging in the world used for humans, according to scientists who specialized in aging and regenerative medicine from the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Scientist Identified the Gene

Scientists identified genes out of 10,000. Kat7 was most efficient in contributing to senescence in cells. Kat7 is one of the tens of genes found in mammalian cells. Scientists inactivated mice in rivers using a method called a lentiviral vector.

The scientist tested the function of genes in various cell types – human stem cells, mesenchymal progenitor cells, human liver cells, mouse liver cells. The scientist has not seen any side effects so far.

Lifespan Will Be Extended

After a good research, the scientists have found or increased the lifespan by about 25% of the total life. The team CAS department used CRISPR / CAS9 METHOD to screen thousands of genes that are strong drivers of cellular senescence, which describes cellular aging.

The Process Will Take Longer to Test on Humans

Well, tests on humans of this therapy will take time. According to scientists it is important to test the function of Kat7 in different cell types or organs of mice and pre-clinical animals before use on humans. Therefore, pre-clinical research need to be done before implementing Gene therapy on humans.

Method Requires Funding and More Research

By the way the process will require lots of funding and research. Scientists are hoping that they can find a way to delay aging by a slight percentage in the future.

Birth and death are done by nature, the rule is that no one has a hand to stop it but they can try to reduce aging.

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