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According to scientists, humans can be ‘immortal’ by 2047

Human can live forever

According to scientists we need only 25 years to live forever! Yes, we are going to live forever, and we will never die.

Death is not at all a compulsion since 2045, it will be a choice for humans whether they want to die or not!

Then death will not be a compulsion but a choice for them.
It is claimed by two genetic engineers – Jose Luis Cordeiro and David Wood.

They also claim that immortality is possible for humans after 25 years. The engineers also said that being immortal is not a fantasy, it is reality.

According to them, humans will die only after 2045 by accidents. No one is going to die from any disease nor from natural death.

He claimed that only old age will cause diseases and even it can be treated.
This will be done by nanotechnology. Which requires genetic manipulation techniques.

But our biggest doubt is how this can be possible? How can we control our growing age? How can we grow old?

According to these two scientists, this will be possible after converting the worst and worst genes into new genes and healthy genes. And dead cells will be removed from our body, dead cells must be repaired, and the method of treatment done by stem cells.

They will manufacture human main organs by 3D printing. Even many other scientists had claimed that human organs and other body parts would soon be made by 3D printing in the coming days.

A scientist has claimed that this technology will save many lives in the future.
According to the claim of scientist Cordero, who works at the US research center, he said that he no longer dies! And 30 years in the future he will be younger than today.

Both engineers are claiming to cure old age. Do they want to know why humans will grow up?

According to them the reason for being large is that the presence of the DNA tail in the chromosome is called telomeres. Its size is increasing in old age due to a decrease in telomeres. If the size of the telomeres increases, you will never grow old!

With the passage of time, the telomeres are becoming dead and small. Smoking, drinking, the presence of toxic substances in the body, and pollution are also causing the timers to become dead and small. Telomeres affect all causes. The telomeres of all agents are getting smaller day by day, even with all the agents being increasingly small as the telomeres.

Due to research into cancer cells, scientists found that cells never die! Cells are immortal!
Henrietta died in 1951 due to cancer. The doctors removed his cancerous tumor and pressurized her till now; the doctors found that the cancer cells were still living in him.

If scientists work on it then humans will live forever and ever! If the cells of the body are alive then the human will also live forever. Both scientists are working on this theory.

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  • Selena Smith January 2, 2023

    This is what I want too many people in my family have died and I don’t want to join them so nanobots will keep me alive forever

    • harry poole April 29, 2023

      so basically if you to live forever you a nanobot that what through your insides

  • harry poole April 29, 2023

    if you want to live forever you need a nanobot that goes through the human body

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