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Coronavirus Pandemic is Challenging for Those with Addictions

Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a quite difficult time for everybody since March 2020. Quarantine has isolated society and has taken a toll on people mentally as they deal with depression, anxiety, and tension due to the unexpected circumstances of COVID-19. As we race to find solutions such as test kits and vaccines, we are more vulnerable than ever. Furthermore, we are seeing more cases of substance abuse which can also lead to homelessness.

COVID-19 impacts the lungs for those who come in contact with the virus. For those with a smoking history, this leads to even more complications with the lungs and increases the likelihood of dying while infected. Opioid users are also seeing an increased risk of death from coronavirus pandemic. Opioids decrease the amount of oxygen in the blood which is reducing the capacity of the lungs.

Recovering addicts have been fighting an uphill battle since the beginning of quarantine. At the peak of the outbreak in May, rehabilitation centers saw a steep decline in new patients. The fact is people are scared to leave their homes, even if it means for the sake of their own health.

Recovering addicts are depending on the phone and online services such as Zoom to seek guidance on their road to rehabilitation. People aren’t getting the treatment that they are used to getting. Several recovering addicts are unaware of the alternative services that are being provided. This leads to even more isolation and worse, a potential relapse.

Meetings are very important when it comes to treating and preventing relapse. The stress of the pandemic is tough on everybody, let alone for people who are depending on meetings. Meetings are also unexpectedly getting canceled as the unpredictable amount of cases fluctuates each day. They work because people can get into groups and give support to each other. They get hands-on guidance to keep them on track. The increased stress is also leading to an increase in demand for meetings. Unfortunately, many rehabilitation centers are adapting as fast as they can to online services in order to remain socially distant.

Recovery is one day at a time for recovering addicts. Each day has been nothing short of difficult for all as we face limited access to the outside world. Social distance has increased depression and has cut off our hobbies, careers, and interactions with our loved ones. These are all things that give us a reason to keep going every day. Those who are in recovery have had hope so far with relying on virtual services for help, but long will they be able to keep up the fight during the tough, stressful times of the pandemic?

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