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Coronavirus will remain stay at least untill next summer

coronavirus infection

According to the president of France, the coronavirus infection will persist until next summer as the growth rate is increasing in the number of new corona cases.

More than 40,000 new cases and 298 deaths were reported in France. And there is still an increase in the number of cases such as Russia, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, and new Corona is seen in higher cases.

According to the WHO, it was said that European countries were an important thing for him. There needs quick action to fight this virus.

The coronavirus infection is increasing and has doubled over time as it has more than 7.8 million cases and approximately 247000 death cases.

The next coming time or a month is going to be dangerous and difficult as the number of cases will increase. So we should be more careful during these times.

There are 42 million cases worldwide and over 1.1 million death cases.

According to scientists, he believed that the virus would be present until the next summer. A scientist also warned that the second wave of coronavirus infection may be worse than the first.

But still, we cannot say anything about the second wave as it does not exist yet. We have seen intensive care for older people in hospitals and some are isolating themselves while some are infected while their children went to them.

Even some people have this coronavirus infection without any symptoms like coughing, sneezing, etc.
Covid patients have more than half of the beds in every country.

Corona in Spain

SPAN also became the first European country to file more than 3 million new Corona cases.
Many government officials suggest an overnight curfew but are still apprehensive about the economic impact.

In Italy

The situation has to be taken seriously in this area. And still, there is a curfew, and schools are completely closed.

In Switzerland

New cases also increase daily and will probably be banned from next week.


There are also new numbers of cases in the last few days.


Poland has registered new cases in the last few days. Schools and restaurants in Poland are closed.

Even in the Czech Republic, Nonland, Portugal, Greece, new cases have been reported in these European countries, with one-night curfews, schools, and restaurants closing.

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