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No vaccine has been found so far, indirect rush to get a flop shot to reduce the risk of coronavirus

Influenza flu vaccine

According to all Indian institutes of medical science, an influenza vaccine may not directly protect you, but it will protect you indirectly.

More people are receiving influenza injections to reduce the likelihood of any flu, hospital, and coronavirus epidemics. This influenza shot is not provided by the government, even as most Indians are getting this vaccine in private hospitals. The virus continues to spread over the seasons, so influenza vaccines may help reduce this efficiency of the virus.

According to AIIMS, an influenza vaccine can indirectly help our body to protect against any type of virus. Influenza virus and SARS – COV VIRUS due to which the coronavirus can spread in winter, can therefore help to protect against this virus.

Influenza vaccine will help reduce the risk of illness, hospitalization, and death.

Flu season may spread from April to December.

Influenza vaccines may work against coronavirus 19, as they are from the same family.
So it may help, but still, there is no evidence to show that the influenza vaccine may help protect against Covid 19. This season is full of infections and we need much need of protection than before. We know that there is no vaccine yet for corona but the influenza vaccine can help protect against virus attacks.

And this influenza vaccine can help increase your immunity which is helpful against coronavirus. According to reports, people are getting more influenza vaccines this year to prevent infection from any type of virus, cough, cold, etc.

People are being given this injection to protect against the risk of flu and hospitalization.
But even though Coronavirus is spread in our country, we need to be more aware and try to avoid going to any place unless it is mandatory. Avoiding congested areas is the best solution, maintaining social distance is important, and wearing masks is an important solution to the coronavirus so that we can contribute a little to prevent coronavirus.
And we need to be more careful in winter because it is different to analyze the person Coronovirus is positive or not. In this season many people become infected with cough and cold so we need to be protected.

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