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Covid vaccine shows 95% protection against coronavirus

Covid vaccine test

The result came from Pfizer which actually gives positivity about the covid vaccine. The company Pfizer used a highly innovative and great experimental approach to design its vaccines.

This is a great success for them and they are waiting for approval to use the vaccine.

How can we know if the vaccine is really effective?

The company tested over 30,000 people with 2 doses of the vaccine. They first tried those who had symptoms of the coronavirus. The company assured that this vaccine is effective on 95% of people against the coronavirus.

The vaccine is immunized those who help fight the coronavirus.

According to the medical officer – the vaccine against coronavirus is effective, it is indeed a very good thing for us. Even the president of the company said that they are very happy with the vaccine results. Even they were not expecting earlier that the vaccine shows 95% effectiveness against coronavirus so it is really great for them with positive results.

When it will be available for the public?

It is up to the country where you live and it also depends on your age. The president of the company says that it is in the U.S. is available for 20 million doses.

The U.K has also announced that from the spring season there will be more than 5 million doses of the vaccine that can vaccinate 2.5 million people. They had already decided how they could vaccinate people. They will provide the first vaccination for older people and health care people.

How does it long last?

It is not yet proven how long the vaccine protects a person. They provide that the vaccine provides protection in older age groups who are at risk of dying from the coronavirus. Even they are mentioned that the vaccine does not reduce its effectiveness.

The vaccine also prevents people from getting sick and stops spreading coronavirus.

Does the vaccine have any effect?

They especially show concern about the safety of people and the president of the company says that the Covid vaccine is 100% safe for humans. Minor side effects are headache, pain, fatigue.

How many Covid vaccines in the market at the final stage? 

Both companies have used the same approach and the same research to prevent the virus. The data are almost identical for both. They provide approximately 90–95 protection against coronaviruses. The results of tests vary. Pfizer and biotech vaccines are the same.

These vaccines are easy to store, the vaccine remains stable – minus 20 degrees Celsius. In the fridge for six months or for a year. The Pfizer vaccine is needed around minus -75 degrees Celucus and can store up to 5 days in the freeze.

Even the sputnik V vaccine has been developed. Russia named Sputnik V. Sputnik is 92% effective.

How does it work?

The virus acts as a genetic code for the virus to function. It carries viral proteins, it will train the body. This will help the body to make antibodies.

When will coronavirus end?

It will depend on the positive results of vaccines, however, continue to show that the possibility of eradicating coronavirus has changed. But as per Pfizer’s research, the COVID vaccine shows 95% protection from the coronavirus, which means we are very close to it and will control the situation very soon.

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