If you are already infected with coronavirus, should you take the vaccine?

About 0.65% of people have been exposed to the virus again as there is a possibility of re-infection.

already infected get vaccinated
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The vaccination campaign is going on in India and other parts of the world.

It is already over a month that vaccination has started worldwide.

Millions of people are already vaccinated. But the questions is, should you take the vaccine if you are already infected?

Well, Many people have some doubts and concerns about whether they should go for coronavirus vaccination if they were already infected with coronavirus infection?

Many people still have many doubts and confusion about the coronavirus vaccine.

This is a cause of concern for them.

Recent studies suggest that people who already have exposure to the virus may also get vaccinated.

Group vaccination

Well, the mass vaccination campaign is going on and their goal is to get everyone vaccinated either they are young, or old.

Anyone can come in contact with the deadly virus.

It is necessary that every person should be vaccinated.

The eligibility criteria must be met over time.

Although everyone wants to avoid the virus, the only solution is mass vaccination.

But many people still have confusion about whether they should be vaccinated or not if they have previously been infected.

Those who have already been exposed to the coronavirus must get vaccinated
According to the study, anyone who is already infected with the virus must be vaccinated.

Provide protection against rebuilding the virus

Well, vaccination provides protection from re-infection with the coronavirus.

About 0.65% of people have been exposed to the virus again as there is a possibility of re-infection.

Vaccination provides 80% protection against viruses for young age and around 47% for people over 65 years of age.

Vaccination is important

Studies show that people over 65 years of age have a higher risk of re-infection.

If the person is already infected, they should be vaccinated in the past. Vaccination is important because it provides protection from the virus.

As we know that vaccination provides strong immunity and helps in not getting infected by the virus.

Vaccination and care are important.

Stay safe stay vaccinated!

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