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Coronavirus patients complications after recovery

Coronavirus patients complications after recovery

Some Coronavirus patients experiences problems related to heart attack, chest pain, blood clots after recovering from Coronavirus.

According to research from the Journal Nature Medicine, coronavirus has been seen in a long-term covid-19 patient from a wide variety of fields, neurology, cardiology, nephrology.

Coronavirus patients experiencing chest pain

By the way, 20% of cases of chest pain have been reported from the coronavirus patients.

They also experienced heart attacks, blood clots in the lungs, and other complications in a diabetic patient.

Long term symptoms

Most people have experienced long-term symptoms and may have health problems before contracting the virus. Even such issues can occur with any coronavirus patient that the study shows.

Some patients reported these symptoms after testing positive for a rapid heart rate infection, chronic fatigue, and pulsation infection.

Even arrhythmia can cause a heart attack, heart failure, and long-term damage to the heart.

Even the patient is not aware of this.

Post coronavirus syndrome

Post coronavirus syndrome is not related to the severity of mild coronavirus infection.

Even some coronavirus patients reported to the doctors a week later chest discomfort and difficulty making decisions, memory, and concentration!

Most of us usually think of respiratory disease in cases of coronavirus. The patient even recovered from his respiratory illness. Even they may have problems with other organs.

According to the scientists, they believe on the basis of the analysis that the patient suffering from Coronavirus should not be cared for on discharge from the hospital.

And yet they considered that coronavirus care is needed to treat the patient.

The world has to establish a worldwide health care system to establish coronavirus clinics.

Clinics may prioritize care for those at high risk of covid-19.

Therefore prefer to keep in touch with their doctors.

Because your symptoms can be caused by coronavirus infection.

However, the situation is very serious and researchers are more researching on the symptoms of coronavirus.

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