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Women of middle-age are worst affected by long covid, report says…

Women coronavirus symptoms

According to the research conducted by University of Glasgow, found coronavirus is most commonly affected in women aged 19 to middle age. Even women have long-term symptoms after treatment with coronavirus.

The research founds about 70% of the patients are still affected by long-term symptoms like – anxiety, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, and brain fog.

Even after the research is well known and there is no link or anything about how people originally became ill.

Female bodies fight the disease and this may explain poor recovery for them.

According to the research and statistics, about 70% of the women who got infected with coronavirus, even did not recover completely.

Leaving the hospital women after a few months is most affected.

By the way, people are still most affected by the epidemic.

Women under the age of 50 were the most affected

A separate smaller pre-print study, conducted by University of Glasgow, found that women under the age of 50 are mostly affected by the long covid infections.

And it affects them the worst.

As per the research, women below the age of 50 are affected seven times more from this virus compared to other age of people.

They were more breathless, tired than men.

Covid-19 has affected the human life completely as around 18% of people return to their jobs and another 19% are forced to change their jobs.

Despite receiving many types of hospital care with antibiotics given to the patient, 1 / 3rd receive oxygen and still have health-related problems after another hospital stay.

People did not return to general health and females between the ages of about 40 years and 60 years were more likely to lie female under severe conditions and be on ventilators.

The immune system is responsible

According to doctors, various immune systems are responsible for such long-term symptoms.

Even this can cause lung damage.

Small and big women recovered better.

Only middle-aged women are the most affected.

It may even happen that they have higher than normal levels of a chemical called CRP in their body.

It is also associated with inflammation.

In this condition, the virus attacks on body and its healthy cells and organs.

Even some people are seeing the problem of brain fog also.

Women’s has higher disability chances than men

Women under the age of 50 were affected most by the coronavirus.

Middle-aged women under the age of 50 are more affected and have a new disability than men of the same age who also had the disease.

Doctors’ research reveals symptoms including a new disability, shortness of breath, and decreased quality of life in survivors of the coronavirus patients.

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