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Pfizer and Moderna are the two most effective covid-19 vaccines, study suggests

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Most of the countries are running vaccination campaigns and millions of participants have also got their vaccination done. People are still waiting for vaccination because there is no other way to protect your body from the coronavirus. But the question is your vaccines is effective or not?

Vaccination is the only way which provides sufficient immunity to your body so that it does not allow the virus to enter your body.

But still, there is a big question in everyone’s mind – Which vaccine is more effective effective? Which one they should go for?

Well, the answer is Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are highly effective vaccines. Even these vaccines are extremely effective after a single shot!

The virus infection risk will drop to 90% after two shots- vaccines are effective

According to the study, both Moderna and Pfizer are highly effective vaccines. The vaccines are more powerful even after a single shot and provides 90% protection after both shots compared to other vaccines 70-80% protection rate.

The data is released on Monday by US health workers and the team.

According to the CDC study, the vaccine has the potential to protect against infection and is helpful in preventing coronavirus.

Vaccination efforts are working

There are many trials have been done on people which shows positive effects on them.

The government later allowed emergency use of the vaccine.

Subsequent studies and trials continue and this shows an effect on 3950 participants in six states over a 13-week period from December to March.

The vaccination began to provide first health care personnel, first responders, frontline, needed workers.

Even the new technology is a synthetic form of the natural chemical messenger that is used to instruct cells to make proteins that are part of the coronavirus.

The most part of the infection is the immune system. If the person has enough immunity to fight the coronavirus then the person will not get infected at all but if the person does not have enough immune power to fight the coronavirus then surely the person will be infected.

Vaccination is helpful in providing immunity to your body and to fight against the coronavirus.

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