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India stops its exporting of coronavirus vaccines

India stops exporting coronavirus vaccines

The second wave of coronaviruses is on the rise, the number of cases are increasing again every day throughout the worldwide.

For India too, the situation is worrisome as there is an upsurge in cases in India. More than 50,000 new coronovirus cases can be seen on a daily basis.

The second wave of coronavirus in India is growing rapidly. Even the new strain of coronavirus is more deadly, rapidly spreading, and contagious.

India stops exporting coronavirus vaccines

India is exporting coronavirus vaccines to almost most parts of the world.

We have the world’s biggest pharmacy.

But in a recent, India puts a brake on vaccine exports as India has seen an increase in coronavirus cases.

India is grappling with a new wave of coronavirus cases in its country.

As cases are growing at a higher rate, there is a need for vaccines for its residents in India.

Indian vaccine demand is increasing

Well, India has already sent more than 60 million vaccine doses to 76 countries.

AstraZeneca vaccines are mostly manufactured by the Serum Institute of India.

It is the largest vaccine manufacturer by its volume.

However, there has been an increase in Coronavirus vaccines in India as cases are increasing on a large scale.

What does the government say?

According to the Government of India, it did not impose any restriction on the export of vaccines, unlike many other countries.

Measure supply schedule

India is helping other countries through exporting coronavirus vaccines.

Even India has given boost to its current manufacturing capacity and the need for an Indian vaccination program.

The supply chain may need to be measured periodically.

The serum was not only available for immediate comment.

Covax is in talks with the Government of India with a view to ensuring delivery as soon as possible.

Caught in a tie

According to the Health Secretary, the government got caught in a case when the infection is increasing.

Even the country cannot tolerate lockdown.

The only solution is vaccination of the population.

India dependence on vaccines only

Countries are dependent on vaccine only,  as the India is facing a new wave of coronavirus cases in the country.

The number of cases in India is increasing rapidly and the solution is only vaccination which can protect us from the virus.

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