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How a Dental Practice Can Benefit from IT Services

Dental Practice IT service

If you run a dental practice, you are in a high-pressure sector where patients have many options and all clinics should be striving to improve the patient experience from initial contact to completion of the treatment. We are living in a digital world and most of your business processes can be automated, which is where managed IT services come into the equation.

Here are some of the ways that IT services can benefit a dental practice.

1. VoIP Communication

Voice over Internet Protocol is a web-based communication system that compresses audio and video data and sends via the Internet; platforms like Zoom and Skype for Business offer real-time video calls at a fraction of the cost of cell phone networks. Indeed, finding professional dental IT support in New York from an established managed IT service provider is simple with Google, and with headsets and a few wireless routers, your staff can communicate on the move.

2. Cloud Data Storage

The days of storing data on PC hard drives is over; migrating to the cloud offers too many benefits not to jump on the train. Staff can access data in real-time from any location and you can set up permission hierarchies to protect critical patient data. Of course, the service would include cyber-security, an essential requirement for every clinic and with 24/7 support, you can relax and focus on the patient experience.

3. Dental Software

There are specific software packages that are designed for dental clinics, with appointment managers and automated billing. Once staff are familiar with the system, they have everything at their fingertips, so to speak and with IT experts in your corner, your business processes are streamlined and double handling is eliminated. Here is an article that shows the importance of branding in the healthcare sector.

4. Essential Hardware Support

Your IT equipment is obviously critical to the well-being of the practice and we all know how temperamental color printers and photocopiers can be; once you join forces with a NY based IT support company, hardware support is a given. 

5. Create your Own Mobile App

This would really pay big dividends, enabling your patients to schedule an appointment with a smooth online process that is integrated into your appointment system. You can also send important information about oral hygiene, advising your patients to promote self-care; if you would like to learn more about mobile apps, talk to a local IT support company with dental sector experience and they can handle the project from design concept to release.

6. Protecting your Data

You have a duty to protect your patients’ medical records and with managed IT service providers, you are always assured of 24/7 data security of the highest level. The US government takes cybercrime very seriously and you should take steps to protect all your data.

Final Thoughts

A successful dental practice would have a good working relationship with a leading IT support company that specializes in the dental sector and with their help, you can provide your local community with top notch dental treatment.

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