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Why Branding for Healthcare is more important than ever?

healthcare branding

Brand Promotion is a must for every industry, but when it comes to healthcare industry, branding becomes more imperative than ever because in the current increasingly saturated market, the patient aka consumer is becoming more and more aware. Today’s healthcare is driven by patient’s choice like never before.

Every day, more and more direct-to-consumer healthcare brands are being launched, offering patients a growing array of solutions to their healthcare needs. Hence it puts the onus on brands to start thinking of Brand Positioning from the perspective of consumer instead of just thinking about themselves.

Healthcare branding helps organizations ensure they are perceived as trusted, caring, knowledgeable, experienced, etc. not simply as a name, tagline, logo etc. Your healthcare company’s brand is the recognizable feeling that is evoked when the consumer sees/hears/reads about your brand.

For a health system to have a successful brand, there are certain essential elements they need.

First, it’s not just about having an eye-popping logo. Although I don’t deny that logo can help, yet a true brand needs to be broader and more purpose-oriented. Create understanding of what the organization is all about. Not just from a consumer standpoint but also to all the stakeholders.

Second, it’s crucial to truly understand the audience, and commit to the insight generation and data collection process so you can define the pillars of your brand. Know what consumers want from you.

Third, it is very important to ensure that the brand pervades every facet of the experience, both for the consumers and those who work in the organization.

This is probably the hardest area to implement. It’s not just how we look from a logo standpoint. Our behaviour should influence how we train our folks, how we evaluate the impact of our people. It should impact our digital as well as physical experiences.

Simple – Well Drafted Message is the Key

There’s a strong correlation between the likelihood of brand success and the commitment of leadership to the idea.

Hence the first step in a successful branding or rebranding strategy is to rally all the leadership team as well as Stakeholders around the same idea; this sets the stage for what the organization wants to accomplish.

Then developing a Simple Well-Crafted Message to be used for Brand Promotion is the key for developing connect with the target audience.

An intricate complex message won’t connect with consumers, and it will make it more difficult to get senior leadership on board. Hence the message should be very Clear & Crisp.

As you look at your marketing budget, invest in content that will bring you closer to your community and your customers.

Especially Pandemic has taught us, this is the time to sell solutions and position your brand accordingly.

Healthcare branding should not only be looked as an image enhancing exercise but as a continuous service building process that ensures optimal experience for all the stakeholders, leading to a strong trusted BRAND.

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Article By: Geetika Gangwani, Healthcare Strategist

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