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How To Stay Protected From New Coronavirus?

SARs-COV-2 B.1.1.7

The rapid proliferation of new coronavirus has been found in approximately 22 states. This is a big question, how can we protect ourselves from this new coronavirus? The new coronavirus known as SARs-COV-2 B.1.1.7, spreads faster than the previous one. B.1.17 now said to be more deadly and contagious.

The New Virus is More Transmitted

Well, the new Coronavirus is more spread out than the previous one.

The new coronavirus is 50% more transmitted.

More dangerous than previous viruses.

Well, the world keeps on fighting coronavirus-19, even we did not overcome it, it is a nightmare as the world suffers from it.

B.1.1.7 More Deadly and Contagious

SARs-COV-2 B.1.1.7 is highly infected and contagious virus with more spreading powers than first Novel Coronavirus. The new coronavirus-2 originally spread through the air rather than the surface.

If a person is already infected with the new coronavirus-2, he can be easily transported to others through conversation, cough, sing, breath.

Infectious respiratory droplets can easily be thrown into the air.

These infected droplets are very small in the range of 1–100 micrometers.

The biggest problem is that the virus is more transmitted and has fewer drops than 10 micrometers, even keeping the virus in the air for at least an hour.

Levels of -2 aerosol concentration with new coronavirus may not be the cause of earlier exposure to infection.

How to Protect from SARs-COV-2 B.1.1.7?

There is no doubt in saying that the new coronavirus is more deadly and contagious with high spreading power, however, if we follow these simple tips then there is a higher chance that we can protect ourselves from this virus.

Use Effective Face Masks for protection against SARs-COV-2 B.1.1.7

By the way, not all face masks are 100% safe and secure. The new virus spreads quickly and easily. It is important to select effective face masks that are most effective for preventing drops.

N95 and surgical masks are best for most viruses.

It is also good to use multiple layers of masks to prevent yourself from viruses.

Use Fresh Air at Home

Our atmosphere is filled up with many types of viruses, therefore, it is important to use a healthy or quality air. Unhealthy air is not only present outside of your home, it can also be present at your home.

Increase ventilation rates to dilute aerosol concentrations to filter fresh air and filter existing air. A healthy air at your home can protect us from many viruses available in atmosphere.

Maintain Social Distancing

The best way to prevent from new virus is to maintain social distancing. Maintaining physical distacning can be highly effective and playing a major role to prevent us from any virus.

Avoid Gathering

The last but not least. Avoid gathering is one of the best way to prevent yourself from the virus. It is 100% safe and secure. It is important to minimize the gathering or try to avoid gathering completely if possible.

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