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The rapid decline in coronavirus cases in India is worrying for health experts

coronavirus cases decline misleading experts

The sudden drop in coronavirus cases in India is indeed misleading to experts. It can also be a factor in the difficulty of filing cases in rural areas.

The number of coronavirus cases in india has started to decline since September 2020. There are only 9 death cases reported per million cases in the country. This is the lowest per capita rate globally.

The experts are confused 

According to experts, the sharp decline of coronavirus cases is indeed misleading.

There is difficulty in filing cases in rural areas.

The early stage of coronavirus cases in india

The initial condition of the coronavirus was highly affected in almost every country. Even the situation was too bad to handle, but suddenly declining in the cases are still worrying experts.

India is the second-most populous country

India is the second most populous and densely populated country in the world.

About 1200 people per square mile.

From April to September the cases were at a peak. Around 1,00,000 cases were reported per day.

The Coronavirus cases have started falling

But now the corona cases virus cases was started to decreasing since September.
The country is now reporting fewer than 13,000 daily coronavirus cases.

Estimate 9 death daily per million people which is lowest per capita rate globally.

Several factors are responsible for helping to reduce cases – The Ministry of Health of India attributed the success of this breakdown to a new factor. Fast and rapid testing, including contact tracing efforts. But the rapid decline in cases is still misleading to experts.

India has started its vaccine

India has just started vaccination about two weeks ago. It is therefore too soon for vaccination to affect transmission.

Security measures still mandatory

According to health experts, India’s strict coronavirus rules can be helpful in redefining cases such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, etc.

Coronavirus has not yet gone so people should take security measures for their safety.

Coronavirus cases were difficult to record in rural areas where many lack the immediate availability of a medical facility. Therefore, they need more security precautions.

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