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India vaccination for entire population will take several years

India vaccination challenges

India vaccination will take several years for the entire Indian population.

The population in India is very large and it takes many years to vaccinate the entire population.

The Parliament Committee is expressing concern over the slow pace of the vaccination process, even the questions are also arise in Rajya Sabha.

Why vaccination in India is a matter of concern?

India is the country which has the second largest population on the planet. According to United Nations figures, the population of India 2020 is estimated to be 1,380,004,385 people in the mid-year.

This is why vaccination of the entire population is a major challenge for India. Even the committee expressed concern that large numbers of people are missing the second dose of the vaccine.

India vaccination rate is less than 1% of the population.

This is a very serious issue

However, the situation is very serious, which the Congress MP said.

People are missing a second dose of the vaccine because the virus is mutating.

And new versions of Coronavirus are reported in different parts of the world.

Even the committee suggests that all frontline health workers and Corona warriors include CAPFs and that the state UT police receive a second dose of the vaccine.

It should be covered as soon as possible.

The committee also said that the Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed all the state governments to make it mandatory to provide relief through direct benefit transfer to the beneficiary’s account.

This matter should be combined with those states which have not come on board for this purpose.

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly once again

As the cases grow, the country needs to become more aware and the vaccination campaign needs to be stepped up a bit.

Because it takes many years to cover the Indian population.

Even with the second dose of vaccination, people are not vaccinated.

It needs to be done on time and better.

We need to be more careful during a challenging situation.

Coronavirus cases are increasing and until it doesn’t end completely, we need to be more careful.

Measures of protection against viruses are really helpful.

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