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Rising of new cases of coronavirus is a matter of concern

new cases of coronavirus India updates

Fresh cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day.

Around 25000 cases were reported on a single day on Saturday.

With the increasing cases of coronavirus in India, this is indeed a worrying situation for all.

The vaccination campaign in progress

The vaccination process is also going on in India.

More and more people are getting vaccinated.

The vaccination on Sunday broke a record 2.05 million of the coronavirus vaccination.

Coronavirus is especially growing in states and territories. Coronavirus cases are increasing in particular, but as we already know that it is a highly contagious virus, so we need to be more aware of it.

The death rate is not high

By the way, the death rate is not very high till now.

But the condition may worsen as it spreads too quickly.

New cases of coronavirus are increasing

Coronavirus cases are increasing very fast in India.

The total number of cases in India has reached 11,38,5339, out of which, 26,291 cases of new infections.

The death rate has reached 1,58,725.

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra. As such, cases are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra, some non-Maharashtra districts are showing concern.

Increasing the vaccination process provides some relief

Well as the cases of coronavirus are increasing, vaccination is also increasing.

In India also the vaccination of coronavirus is going on at a high rate. In the past week, 1,259,438 people are vaccinated alone in a single day which is expected to scale up to 2.7 million in a day.

The right action is needed

However, timely correct measures should be taken to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

By the way, there is a dire need of social distancing and wearing of masks today.

People should avoid social gathering.

Increasing the covid cases is really a matter of concern for the country that people should be more aware of and should not be taken it lightly.

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