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A deadly fungal infection is discovered in coronavirus patients

coronavirus with Mucormycosis fungal infection

According to a recent study of doctors treating coronovirus patients from many parts of the countries, the Mucormycosis fungal infection was found in their body that causes coronavirus. The survival rate for the coronavirus patient who is infected with the Mucormycosis fungal infection is about 50%.

In this case, the patient may also damage his eyesight. About five cases were recovered from Ahmadabad who were suffering from this fungal infection and they also recovered from this infection.

Two people have died in these 5 cases and the other 3 have lost their sight. Four patients were male and the fifth one was a female. In each case, all were shown to have enhanced eyeball.

According to doctors, the patient had high sugar and immune deficiency. Even this mucous disease is seen in Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. According to doctors the survival rate, in this case, is only 50%.

Surgeons at Ganga Ram Hospital have seen about 10 cases of coronavirus patients. Even in this case the patient lost his vision and removed the nose and jaw bone. About 50% of the patients have died in this case.

This fungal infection is dangerous because it has never been seen before. The cases of fungal infections have also been seen from other parts of the country.

Mucormycosis Fungal Infection

Mucormycosis was the first known zygomycosis which was not a very common disease but is a serious fungal infection. The infection is from the mucous group.

Most of the patients who have received this infection are basically low immune or who take medicines for their body such as taking medicines for fighting disease are most commonly infected with this infection.

It can be spread in any part of the body!

A fungal infection can be seen in any part of the body, but it usually affects the lungs or sinuses, or inhaled fungal spores. Although this infection is not communicable, the patient can be treated well with initial treatment.

A Case is seen in Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Ganga Ram Hospital has shared its experience of a 32-year-old patient who is a businessman, who was infected with coronavirus and later discharged after receiving negative results.

But he has some side nasal blockage and eye inflammation, which the medicines given to him were not really affected. He started losing his eyesight. The left side of his face was numb and he was partially disoriented and dissatisfied when he returned to emergency again.

Tests revealed the presence of high blood sugar and mucus fungus. MRI clarified that he had already destroyed the left body, sinus, eye, upper jaw bone, muscle, and a significant part of the brain. Although the surgeons of Ganga Ram Hospital save their lives, they need the constant support of medicine and health care.

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