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Antibodies Fall Quickly After Infected by Coronavirus

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Antibodies are an important part of our immune system, it protects our body from infection. According to researchers, the antibodies found to be positive have a drop of up to 26%. Immunity begins to decrease and at times the risk of coronavirus is high.

More than 350,000 people have done antibody testing in England. Later they found that antibodies fall for those found positive.

The number of people with antibodies declines between summer and autumn. Antibody declines were found to be higher in the older age group for those with no symptoms.
Antibodies to health care workers were relatively high.

Antibodies usually stick to the surface of coronavirus to prevent it from happening in our body or cells and also protect our body’s immune system.

There is an important part of our immunity such as T cell which usually plays an important role. It is well evident to us that antibodies are protective of our own.

Coronavirus can capture human multiple times. It has common symptoms like cough, cold and a person can be reapplied between six to 12 months. Although there are some cases of coronavirus occurring twice, it can be caused by our immune system.

The second infection is probably higher than the first one because our body already knows how to fight back. Well, there is still hope for a vaccine that can be truly effective than others to protect us from this infection.

A large part of a country says that most people do not have protective immunity to fight coronavirus. The vaccine is still needed to fight the coronavirus.

To fight the corona, we have to maintain our immune power if a person has enough immunity to fight the coronavirus and still wait for the vaccine. We also need too much protection for elders members of our family as they growing older there is a fall of immunity so viruses can catch them easily.

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