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States face the shortage of vaccines – Reality or Politics?

States face the shortage of vaccines

Coronavirus infection is on the rise in almost every part of the world. There is no medicine designed to stop the virus from spreading. The virus continues to spread and people rush to take the vaccine. Since the population in India is very large, some states or the entire country may face the shortage of vaccines. It is the management between the central and state government of India.

Some vaccine centres lack vaccines

Some covid-19 vaccination centres claim they have a shortage of vaccines for people but this is not accepted by the central government.

Union Health Minister did not accept that some centers are short of vaccines

Union Health Minister Harda Vardhan alleged that some states are making scandalous efforts to divert attention from their failure and spread fear among the people.

States that claim shortage of vaccines

In some states like Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, there is a shortage of vaccines.

And people said that supply had dwindled and even some centers canceled pre-booked appointments. Even the health representatives of these states have claimed a lack of vaccines.

As per the Harsh Vardhan, the Maharashtra government is only hiding its failures and they cannot control the spread of coronavirus and it is only an attempt to divert public attention from their failure, hence there is no need to insist that nothing of the sort.

Some states are only spreading fear among the public

However, some states like Maharashtra are spreading fear among people only to hide their failure.
The supply of vaccines is being monitored in real-time and the states are regularly informed about this.

Vaccination centers are closed

The Health Minister said that there is no shortage of vaccines in any state. Around 400 vaccination centres were closed in Odisha, saying they do not have stock of vaccines.

Odisha was also regularly vaccinating 2,00,000 to 2,50,000 vaccines. But they have only a few stocks of Covishield according to the Odisha government. There will be a shortage of vaccines by 9 April.

More than 4,00,000 people are vaccinated in Maharashtra in a day. But the state government said that there will be a shortage of vaccines. The stock fell on Wednesday in Andhra Pradesh. Even the government keeps diverting stock of vaccines to keep vaccinated people to other people.

There is no shortage of vaccines!

According to the Union Health Minister, there is no shortage of vaccines. Vaccine supplies are maintained and monitored. In some states, only misinformation is attempted, which is called public rigorous enhancement.
States should focus their energies on doing better for their health infrastructure rather than doing politics.

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