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Trump’s son Barron tested positive of Coronavirus

According to Melania Trump, he is 14 years old and does not have any symptoms and has also conducted tests that show negative reports of coronavirus. His fears came true when his son Baron found positive during the test of coronavirus.

But in reality, he is strong and Corona has no sympathy. Already, the president and his wife tested positive as well as White House staff. The candidates hit various tones on the pandemic with Trump and She asked him not to wear a mask.

What are the current trump sets?

Trump said that his son has coronavirus cases, but with fewer symptoms and has a high chance of recovery because he is young and possesses strong immunity. His son made a recovery because of the fact that American schools should be reopened soon as it is opposed by teachers that they may be infected by students.

Melania Trump Rewrote

After she and her husband were infected with the virus, her mind fell on her son. Now she was relieved while her son Baron tested negative for the virus and later tested positive which pulled her under strain.

She said that we can spend time together and take care of each other. She said that she experienced a roller coaster of symptoms including body aches, coughs, and fatigue.
She opts for vitamin K rich food.

She also said that she would begin her duties ASAP. Mr. Trump spends three days at the National Military Medical Center after his Covid diagnosis. Their therapies include a number of different drugs including dexamethasone which is a strong antiviral treatment antibody therapy.

His doctor said he no longer has any transmission risk and may return to the operation on Monday. White House secretary, Kellyanne Conway, and two senators were among the people around the president who tested positive for Corona. The United States has recorded more than 7.8 million corona cases and more than 215000 deaths, the highest in the world.

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