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Gyanvapi Case: Supreme Court Dismisses Transfer Plea, Upholding High Court’s Decision

Gyanvapi case Supreme Court

A petition challenging the Allahabad High Court chief justice’s decision to withdraw the Gyanvapi case from a single-judge bench since 2021 was dismissed by the Supreme Court on Friday.

A single-judge bench in Varanasi case was hearing a complaint challenging the maintainability of a suit seeking the restoration of a temple on the site of the Gyanvapi mosque.

Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud and Justices J B Pardiwala and Manoj Misra dismissed the appeal after hearing submissions from senior advocate Huzefa Ahmadi.

This must be handled by the chief justice of the high court. It is a standard practice in high courts. This must be handled by the chief justice of the high court, the bench ruled.

It is being challenged by the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee (AIMC) that the case was withdrawn from a single judge bench and assigned to another bench by the chief justice. It was the CJI’s intention not to read the reasons for the transfer of the case in open court before dismissing the plea.

As a result of the AIMC’s petition, the Allahabad High Court adjourned the hearing until November 8. As the Archaeological Survey of India said that it had “completed” the survey of the Gyanvapi mosque complex but needed more time to draft its report, a Varanasi court granted it an extension until November 17 and the plea was rejected on transfer to gynavapi case to another court was rejected by Supreme Court of india.

By November 6, the ASI was supposed to submit the survey report.

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