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Saudi Arabia Sales Citizenship Registration Start From 23rd June

Saudi Arabia citizenship

People are very excited to get citizenship in foreign countries like Saudi Arabia. India is one of them. People want to permanently shift in other countries.

But it is not easy to get citizenship in other countries. It is said that every third person in the world is an Indian.

There is less chance of any country where Indians are not living there. This news for those who want to live, stay, work or doing business in other countries or interested in Saudi Arabia citizenship.

Rich People gets the citizenship

The news is that, in trying to increase its non-oil revenue, Saudi Arab has planned a special residency scheme for those people who are not citizens but want to live and doing work or business in Saudi, they can get Saudi Arabia citizenship from this scheme.

With the help of this scheme, Saudi Arab planning to give a permanent residence or yearly renewal citizenship to the rich people from different countries.

Need to pay crore rupees for Saudi Arabia citizenship

For the permanent residence, citizens need to pay 1.49 crores rupees or around 213000 dollars while for one-year Saudia Arabia citizenship, citizens need to pay 18.90 lac rupees or around 27,000 dollars which can be renewed after one year.

Registration starts from 23 June

For this, Saudi Arab has started an online portal where registration will start on 23rd June. Through this portal, foreign people can get the help of Property buying, Permanent residence, Starting own business, and Sponsored Visa for their relatives without any sponsorship in Saudi Arabia.

All those people can get the benefits from this scheme, who are living in Saudi Arabia from a long time but don’t have citizenship and the companies want to run long term businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arab diversify its economic growth

Tell you that this scheme was approved last month in Saudi Cabinet. From 23rd June, registration will be started on this portal.

From this scheme, Saudi Arab wants to diversify its economy so that they can have multiple income resources in different sectors.

Saudi Arab wants to diversify its economic growth into different sectors, it will not only increase its economic growth in different sectors while its dependency on the oil market will also reduce.

If you have money want to live in a Saudi Arab country or planning to start your own business in Saudi Arab then its a good opportunity for you.


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