Arnab Goswami Arrested: Naik’s Family said ‘first step in battle for justice’

Republic TV editor in Chief Arnab Goswami arrested in Naik's death case

Naik was found dead in his home along with his mother. He died in 2018 along with his mother. In his suicide note, he mentioned the names of 3 persons one of the name is Arnab Goswami. NAIK WAS M.D. of Interior Designer Company.

The name Arnab Goswami was mentioned in his suicide note, Arnab is the head of Republic TV. This was an ongoing battle for over two years. Anvay Naik’s daughter said that Arnab Goswami had done his shows about the Sushant Singh Rajput case and that the person was arrested, even with no suicide note.

His daughter said that he left a suicide note and mentioned the name Arnab Goswami in it. And the action was taken two years later. Anway naik was the managing director of a Mumbai-based architectural and interior design company. And his mother Kumud was also on the board of directors of the firm.

Anvay stated on his suicide note that he and his mother were taking excessive steps on payment for him on Wednesday – Swarna Goswami, Feroze Sheikh, Nitesh Sarda, and three were arrested.

Even his wife and daughter said he did everything from starting Youtube channel, he wants justice by writing a letter to the Prime Minister. Thereafter, after his suicide, there was pressure not to file an FIR.

Even the police were not ready to register an FIR and they said that powerful people were involved in this case, we cannot register an FIR.

After we kept the pressure on the police, he later filed an FIR. Even the police were pressurizing them to withdraw their F.I.R COMPLAINT. It really shocks us.

We even talked with S.P. He also did nothing. Even Naik’s daughter and his wife faced several threats after posting the video online. He lodged several complaints. We received many threatening calls after uploading videos on the Internet.

They also said that this is just for one family, who were fighting against Arnab, who is really powerful. We have fought many struggles to get justice, this is a step towards justice.

Even his father writes an email to Arnab asking him to return 83 lakhs and his father mails him repeatedly. But there was no response.

Republic TV stated that they have deposited their dues. Naik’s wife and daughter demanded the previous payment made by his father to those people. They want the money back from them.

Now let’s see, are Naik’s family allegations against Arnab Goswami really correct? Or, it is a pre-planned everything to destroy the image of Republic TV by the Maharashtra government as both are against each other in the Sushant Singh Rajput murder case. Now Arnab Goswami was arrested and kept in police custody for further investigation for 15 days. But now the matter has gone to the Mumbai High Court, we will have to wait and see the truth.

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