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Nikita Tomar murder case report | Justice for Nikita

Nikita Tomar murdar case

This incident about a girl whose name Nikita Tomer who is 21 years old, a graduate final year student at Ballabhgarh got killed by Tauseef Ahmed when she refused to get married.

He shot and killed her outside the collage!

Tauseef has been harassing Nikita since 2018 said Nikita’s family, even they had filed an FIR against him. Later his family is requesting him to be released from police custody. Then her family released him from prison and withdraw the case against him.

Nikita is killed because Tausif wants to marry Nikita. She refused to marry him, she continues to pressurize her to marry him but after rejecting his proposal he joins a white car with a male friend. He comes in and first tries to get her into the car, but he fails later. He takes out his gun and shoots her immediately.

According to the Nikita family, she was murdered because she refused to accept Islam.

As reported by NewsBlare – Nikita wanted to become a government officer and she was a very bright student to become a civil service officer.

She murdered because she could never accept Islam.

Both were arrested

Tauseef was arrested within 5 hours of the same day when the crime was recorded in CCTV.
And another male friend in the car was arrested on Tuesday, 1 day after the crime.

Tauseef is related to Sohna – Kabir Nagar and Rehan Mewat to Rivasan village.

Nikita went to write her exam. She was a student of B.Com final in Ballabhgarh Haryana. The accused tried to get her into the car by the first 2 people, but they shot and killed her when she resisted.

They fled after the crime and were on their way to Mewat before being arrested.

According to Haryana Police, they formed a special team under the leadership of ACP Crime Faridabad.

The matter of Love Jihad

Nikita was cremated on Tuesday by her parents and family. The boy is pushing to convert keeps to Islam.

According to the Nikita family, he had already tried to abduct her in 2018, later withdrawing his complaint due to his family begging and requesting. They complained of trouble for Nikita and the Tosef family, convincing them that this would not happen again in the future.

Tauseef and Nikita studied together at Rawal International School in Faridabad. Nikita later joined and Tauseef enrolled as a physiotherapist.

The Nikita family alleged a Love Jihad case against Tauseef.

Nikita was never interested in him but Tausif wanted to marry Nikita, he wanted to do love Jihad and convert her into Islam.

The Nikita family wants both murderers to be sentenced to death. One day after his murder, his family and relatives demonstrated on the road on the flyover, demanding immediate and strict action against Tauseef.

A member of his family said that similar incidents happen in Haryana if the culprits are not treated like the Yogi government. A police officer said that Tauseef carried out the crime he had committed as he planned to call Nikita on mobile a night before.

Classified Political Link

According to Tauseef’s family and relatives, he is a very good boy and he never gets angry with anyone! Even his family knows Nikita well but he is not sure why Tauseef did this.

Tauseef also cleared his medical entrance test NEET in 2018.

The Tauseef family said they wanted to politicize it, so they created that issue as Love Jihad and wanted to make it a political issue.

Tauseef belongs to the family of landlords and politicians, he had a connection with the Congress party. The shooter Tauseef is a cousin of Congress’ Nuh MLA Aftab Ahmed and it was allegedly this connection that protected him when he had reportedly abducted Nikita in 2018.

Tauseef Dadaji named Kabir Ahmed the area named Kabir Nagar, according to family members, he was an MLA from Mewat and Kabir Ahmed Bhai Khurshid Ahmad was also elected to Haryana Vidhan Sabha five times and was in the state cabinet, was also included as a minister.

Nikita’s family demand for Justice

Naveen Tomar demanded strict action against Tauseef and his friend that no one would do such an incident with anyone’s sister.

A panchayat is organized in Raghunathpur, the village of Nikita’s family so that they can heal.

The Nikita family said that he had been harassing his daughter for the last 2 years and pressurizing her to convert religion. Therefore, We want the Tauseef should be punished the same.

We are all demand severe punishment for Tauseef Ahmed and his friend! Nobody dares touch anyone’s daughter.

Every girl has the freedom to live her life, then why does anyone pressurize her? why? To get married? Isn’t she at liberty to choose her partner? We want justice for Nikita and her family.

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