Dan Bongino, a person with top performing posts and links on Facebook

Dan Bongino thrives on Facebook

Dan Bongino is a conservative strongman in the perfect way. Dan Bongino’s profile speaks that he is a best-selling author and former Secret Service, agent.

That is a strong aspect of misinformation.

There is a conspiracy theory that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to sabotage the spies in the Trump 2016 campaign. Even Dan Bongino doubts the effectiveness of the mask in the onset of coronavirus.

His page is a focus on the 2020 election principles.

Bongino is the most popular person on Facebook. He has more than 2 million likes and 3.4 million followers on his page.

He is the top-performing person on Facebook.

Their posts link with their live shows and their website consistently ranks on the top-performing links on the site.

He is not just a conservative figure but only posting his misinformation on Facebook thrives on Facebook.

Kevin Roose, a Journalist on NewYork Times, who posted in the New York times that he is the top-performing personality on Facebook.

Kevin Roose shares the top-performing links on Facebook since July 2020 on Twitter.

It was the day of the first television debate between Joe Boli and Donald Trump. The data showed that conservative media figures consistently ranked among the best-performing links on the site with a history of spreading misinformation in the election season posted on social media.

Posts from conservative media

Posts from conservative media pages include bongino and ben Shapiro news outlets such as Fox News and Newsmax, and Pages, in support of Donald Trump such as USA Patriot for Donald Trump, who posted 68% of the 880 top-performing links on Facebook during this period.

In the last 137 days, the list of top-performing links was provided for only 88 since September. Even their pages fall under the top 10.

Conservative pages are good artists

The well-conservative pages have been well recorded throughout the period. For example – the first political debate on September 29 comes at the top display link such as conservative pages like News, Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, Donald Trump, Donald Trump for the Patriots of USA.

Even the trend continued on social media.

The day of the vice presidential debate by Bongino created the top performing link on Facebook.

Bongino had eight links to the top performance over the second presidential debate, with the other two related to Fox News and CNN.

The news was posted on the day of election from Bongino, Trump, Dr. Ben and Candy Carson, the fox, was on the top seven performing links on the Facebook while other 3 are related to CNN and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Conservative media takes only a day to reclaim their place with most of the top-performing positions.

On November 9, Donald Trump dominated the top 10, along with the other five posts related to Dan Bongino, with religious conservative Trump supporters Franklin Graham and News Max adding the single post to the fire. These are all top-performing posts and links on Facebook.

Facebook PageLinks in the top 10
Dan Bongino197
Fox News116
Ben Shapiro70
Donald J. Trump56
Franklin Graham46
The New York Times20
Occupy Democrats17
The Dodo16
USA Patriots for Donald Trump14
Donald Trump for President12
Robert Reich10
Joe Biden8
Dios Es Bueno8
Dinesh D’Souza7

Source: Businessofbusiness.

The top 10 had links during the period recorded in 103 pages. A table of 20 pages with the highest amount of top-performing links on Facebook.

It also showed that chokehold conservative media are top performers.

Bongino not only dominates the list on conservative figures but also on Facebook.

Most of the top-performing conservative media links were political like Ted Cruz, with less coming from political media outlets and pages like Bongino and Shapiro.

The unequivocal endorsements of Donald Trump, CNN, NPR, and the New York Times are non-conservative media outlets. These are the top 10 performing pages during the period recorded with 67, 33, and 20 of the top-performing links on Facebook.

Robert Reich was also a top-performing democratic pundit, with only the top 10 performings during the 88 days.

Ben Shapiro made many dubious claims such as false arguments were made on half the world’s population. Shapiro is one of several creators including Steven Crowder, DAV Erubin, and others, once known as the Intellectual Dark Web.

Well, Facebook has made repeated attempts to prevent misinformation on the platform.

Now Facebook is only now starting to restrict the presence of political content in users.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced it would remove all news content from the platform in Australia to enforce the law. The company would have to pay publishers for every article posted on Facebook.

Bongino and Shapiro Post are considered more credible than coming from mainstream media outlets.

According to New Research 2020, the Pew Research Center found that one in five American adults receive their news primarily through social media. And these people are less informed and more suspicious of misinformation.

Political news or news content posts on Facebook made up 17 of the top 20 display pages.
Fox News is the second most popular page on Facebook in terms of link performance.

Why is Bongino so popular?

By the way, Bongino is not even sure why he is so popular on Facebook?

Even he does not advertise more nor anything else to popularize himself on Facebook. In an interview, Bongino told Roose that if I told you that I had spent 10 minutes on analytics in the last 10 years, I was lying.

The Bongino content describes the narrative that conservatives are being silenced by politicians and tech platforms.

Even as Bongino was wrapped in a crossfire on 8 January, his account was suspended for 12 hours, prompting him to leave the stage altogether in an act of protest.

Bongino told Roose that he was preparing to be removed from Facebook for ideological reasons.

According to the recent decision to curb the amount of political content in the newsfeed, Bongino’s empire may have come to an end recently. His fellow Pandits are thriving on the social media network.

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