Ukraine-Russia War: Here’s How Elon Musk’s Starlink Technology Is Helping Ukraine Fight Russia

Elon musk starlink helps Ukraine in war fight russia

Starlink is crucial in defending Ukraine from Russia, according to a US official and Ukrainian military members.

A USA Brigadier General said that SpaceX’s services have been indispensable to the Ukrainian military. He has worked closely with SpaceX and the US Army Futures Command to develop tactics for use in a future war with Russia.

Butow, a Ukrainian politics expert, said that the Elon Musk’s Starlink project completely destroyed Putin’s information campaign. With Zelenskyy as president, there is hope for Ukraine, we have not been able to silence him till now.

Starlink’s capabilities are put to the test on a daily basis by Ukrainian soldiers. Politico reported that the dish is used to plan missions, fight misinformation from Russia, and keep soldiers in touch with their family.

The Ukraine praised to use satellite communications to maintain connection with the rest of the world, despite Russia.

In an interview with Wired, Zelenskyy said “It helped us ament many moments related to the blockade of our cities, towns, and related to the occupied territories.”

Some people said they lost all contact with Ukraine. They thought Ukraine didn’t exist anymore. Without assistance from Starlink, they were totally out of contact with the outside world. They couldn’t contact their family or get updates on what was happening in Kiev. I am really grateful for the help of Starlink. Starlink plays a major roll in reaching out to rural areas as well. He added, “Starlink helped us all. People there told me it was the only help they received from Ukraine authorities.”

Starlink was instrumental in allowing Ukraine to overcome Russian cyberattacks. Right before the Russian attack started, Starlink hacked the satellite provider for Ukrainian’s military and then launched an attack on their satellites. The US and UK intelligence reports indicated this took place one hour before the launch.

Two days after the attack, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shipped Starlink dishes to Ukraine within hours of a request for Starlink terminals. Elon Musk’s SpaceX quickly sent out equipment to Ukraine following the launch of their satellites. We can speculate that they are still sending material over the past few months with no signs of stopping.

A member of the Washington Post reported that USAID paid SpaceX $2 million to place 1,333 terminals in Ukraine. Another reporter for Reuters has also reported that SpaceX placed 3,667 terminals in Ukraine for about $10 million worth of material.

You can use Starlink as a constellation of satellites in Earth’s lower orbit to provide internet coverage to remote places where it is hard to get. The service is advertised as an option for RV owners who crave Internet access in remote areas.

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