US House Speaker gives ultimatum to remove Trump from White House

remove president trump from White House

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pressured US Vice President Mike Pence to remove Donald Trump and his role as President from the White House.

Democrats accused the Republican president of increasing numbers of Republicans over the riots where Mr. Trump made unbearable allegations of vote fraud. Trump’s announcement was followed by a terrorist attack in which 5 people, including a Capitol police officer, were killed in the attack.

Following the incident, Mr. Trump made no public statement as his social media accounts were banned on Friday, including Twitter.

Mr. Trump has taken leave on January 20 when Joe Biden will be sworn in as president. He also said that he would not attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

Mr. Pelosi has written to lawmakers that the House of Representatives will come up with a solution on Monday and will also request Mr. Pence to implement the 25th Amendment of the Constitution and remove Mr. Trump from the White House.

Mr. Pelosi also wrote his letter on Sunday that Donald Trump represents an imminent threat to both, we will work with urgency. We are also not unaware of the ongoing attack by this President, how this President is killing democracy, which will not be a toll and we need to take immediate action against it.

Mr. Pence has distanced himself from Trump on Sunday, stating that he planned to attend Mr. Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, with no indication that the Vice President invited the amendment.

Meanwhile, a second Republican senator, Pennsylvania’s Pat Tommy, said that the president should “resign and leave as soon as possible”, joining Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

As investigators tried to catch rioters who raided the Capitol, police departments have placed officers on leave for alleged involvement in incidents while off duty.

According to news agency Reuters, fire departments in Florida and New York City have also said that some of their members were present when the mob broke into the Capitol.

Former Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has labeled Mr. Trump as “Worst President Ever” in a social media video that compared the violence of Kristallnacht or Broken Glass on Wednesday, during which Jews in Nazi Germany in 1938 property was destroyed.

Source: A complete report on US election 2020 – Trump vs Biden

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