A complete report on US election 2020 – Trump vs Biden

US election 2020 a complete report

Most probably we will not get the result on election day on the same day. For millions of Americans, the epidemic has caused voting in coronavirus, delaying the counting of votes. Different states had different vote times, the first vote was held at 19.00. After this, the total number of votes was going on and they reported in each state.

Counting is not completed on the same night of election day. A winner has confirmed with enough votes. Every state in the US is projected by the media as every candidate has an end and an unbeatable end. This may not be the final result because it is estimated at the vote but it helps to predict the winner.

When will the final results be announced? 

Final results have been revealed after the counting of votes. The President of Man does not decide by national votes, it is decided by winning them by more states. The winner is announced based on the size of the population followed by an electoral vote.
The US election requires 270 electoral votes to win the White House.

Donald Trump won the election with 270 electoral votes in 2016 but this time the percentage of votes is double than the 2016 elections. More people are voting due to coronavirus.

This year well different man is quite different because this year corona has spread everywhere. People are voting early due to the epidemic. People are voting by mail which takes more time, it needs time to be verified like sign and address.

Some states have started it a week before the election. States like Florida and Arizona that counted the votes early. This will help them produce quicker results. On the other hand, some states, such as Pennsylvania, Warconkin do not allow early voting. However, it takes time to announce the counting of votes as well as the results of the US election 2020.

What happens in the constituency in the US?

Half of US states accept postal votes a day later. So counting votes takes longer. Provisional ballots have also increased. It is ensured that people cannot vote twice. They need to be screened to ensure people vote for a person.

Vote Share

Digital and paper votes are counted by machines. But sometimes polling personnel are required to examine paper ballots to count the ballot.

After the votes have been counted, the voting is closed and the voting data will be moved to the City Hall or similar location in the central fragmentation HEAD quarter. Sometimes this is done by electronic process. But the data must be physically distributed.

To show on the official website of the state. US election 2020 results are one week later.

US Election 2020 Performance

According to the Standard-MIT Healthy Election Project, the presidential vote US election 2020 could see the legal challenges of identification requirements for postal voting due to coronavirus. According to Donald Trump, the election result may end in the US Supreme Court.

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