Top Trending Twitter Hashtags in India Today

Trending Twitter Hashtags In India

These days Twitter has become a worldwide sensation. People can convey their thoughts, emotions, feelings, knowledge, and whatnot in just a few days.Day by day, we realize that this platform has the power to change and impact powerful decisions across the globe. In this article, we will discuss Top Trending Twitter Hashtags in India Today and what is the reason behind its trending.

With further ado, let us start our list of Top Trending Twitter Hashtags in India Today.

The#ResignModi hashtag

Another record number of COVID-19 cases have been reported in India on Monday, with 2,73,810.. Angry citizens are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

COVID-19, a double-mutated strain, has wreaked havoc across the country. A week-long lockdown has been imposed in the national capital. Rahul Gandhi canceled rallies in West Bengal due to Coronavirus. The PM and BJP, however, seem to be in election mode. The public wants Modi to resign for the disastrous handling of COVID-19.. Hence, #ResignModi became the top Trending Twitter Hashtags In India.


Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi CM, has announced a complete curfew starting tonight (19th April) through next Monday (26th April). Covid-19 cases in the national capital are on the rise, so the CM announced a lockdown. Social media users call the move a necessary one. On Sunday, Delhi reported 25,462 new cases in a day, a positivity rate of 30%. Hence, people supported the CM by making #DelhiCurfew one of the Trending Twitter Hashtags In India today.


Saket Gokhale, a frequent petitioner and supporter of the Congress, took to Twitter to do what he does best on Sunday.Fake news and fear-mongering are the same.In a series of baseless tweets, Gokhale claimed the BJP had hoarded Remdesivir worth Rs 4.75 crores in its office in Maharashtra..

Police in Mumbai are investigating allegations that were made following the detention and questioning of a director of a Mumbai-based pharma company.. In Maharashtra, BJP ordered Remdesivir from the company to be delivered to the public, but after the company readied the product for delivery, they were not able to deliver it.. Accusing the director of hoarding the drugs, the police detained him. Having raised the issue last night, Devendra Fadnacis later released the director.

Gokhale’s serious accusations against the opposition party lack proof and are untrue.. Hence, the hashtag #ArrestSaketGokhale came under the Trending Twitter Hashtags In India.


As reported by the Centers, the second wave of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has surpassed the previous peak and the upward trend of infections is a cause of concern. The trend of Covid-19 cases in India’s second wave seems ‘worrisome.’ Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan said.According to the top official at the Indian health ministry, the daily death toll from Covid-19 has been increasing in the country, but it is still far below the number seen during last year’s first wave. With more than 1.67 crore Covid-19 vaccine doses still available to states and UTs, the Centre argues that the problem is not a shortage of vaccines but a lack of planning. Hence, this hashtag becomes one of the Trending Twitter Hashtags In India today.


The Food Corporation of India (FCI) recently asked the Punjab government to provide the land records of farmers to transfer MSP payments.The government stated that about half of the farmers were cultivators and not landowners. Punjab should adopt a model similar to Haryana’s, according to the Centre.For the payment of MSP, Haryana provides information about cultivators. At the moment, payments are made based on Aadhaar and the number of crops brought to the mandis.This is why this hashtag is trending today..


In spite of a significant spike in Coronavirus cases across India, the Union Public Service Commission National Defence Academy(UPSC NDA) 2021 exam is set to take place tomorrow (April 18). Due to restrictions, curfews, and lockdowns in several states this weekend, candidates took to Twitter to appeal the postponement of tomorrow’s exam..The request comes after a number of school board exams were postponed or canceled. According to Harsh Vardhan, dates for the medical entrance examination NEET PG 2021 have also been pushed forward.

In the wake of Coronavirus cases and the risk of getting infected, applicants took to Twitter and have been demanding officials to look into the matter of the UPSC NDA exam. Almost all officials have been tagged in posts so they can block the exams, from UPSC to Modi. They want officials to prioritize ensuring the safety of people.New COVID-19 strains are wreaking havoc in India over the past few days, resulting in over 2 lakh infection cases every day. Candidates are calling for a postponement of the exam by using the hashtag #UPSC.


The list of Top Trending Twitter Hashtags in India Today comes to an end here. Also, the level of interaction and connectivity on Twitter has increased. Through its use, users can engage in communication at never-before-seen speeds. People also now converse online in fundamentally different ways thanks to the platform.The hashtag and retweet are Twitter’s most prevalent contributions to the online discourse. Hence, take a look at the issues and trending topics today and tweet your ideas.

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