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Under the French President Macron- Property Act, Muslims can be shut down

Muslim terrorism - Macron said

Prophet Mohammed’s cartoons may shock the wands, but their duty is to protect the people and its freedoms, and its authority, French President Macron said. He also said that we will never commit any kind of violence against people. It is all about that every human should protect our freedom and our rights.

Islam is in all parts of the world

Today Macron said that Islam is the cause of all the world’s crises. In a government building, the French pay homage to history teacher Samuel Patty, who was beheaded by a Muslim man for showing the Prophet Mohammed cartoons. From all over the world
Muslims are protesting against the French president for his statement.

The French minister and France join the war against each other. The incident took place in a mare incident that took place there only within a week. Three people were killed who were under attack in Islam.

Why did Macron say?

French President Macron also announced that they would increase the security of churches by military forces. Anti-terrorism prosecutors are investing in the church in the Akriff attack in which the attacker strangled 3 people to death in a church and injured others.

The killer was identified as a 21-year-old Tunisian migraine. The killer who came to Italy in September and then traveled to France.

The corpse of a woman was kept in the church, which was found in the resort town of the Basilica of Notre Dame.

The body of a 45-year-old man was also found in a church. Church timings are from 8 am to 12.30 pm but people can come for Parry at all times. The murderer repeatedly cried to Allah and Akbar while committing this crime.

Avoid that area in the city Macron said

The minister said that as per the report, please avoid the area in the city. The killing took place on Sunday, following the Catholic holy day of All Saints’ Day. The government should raise the threat of terrorism to the maximum level.

After the attack, the police arrested a person on charges of possessing a 30 cm knife while boarding a train.

France keeps attacking because of its values. France has been on high alert since 2015 in which they killed more than 250 people. The paper marked the publication of court proceedings by republishing the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad.

A few days later, an 18-year-old man from Pakistan injured 2 people in Paris with a piece of meat. After two weeks the history teacher was beheaded.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said that we stand against terrorism and violence. India stood alongside Paris and France. Many countries stand with France’s Agresant terrorism.

There is no justification for terrorism for any reason or under any circumstances.

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