What action can India take against China over the Galwan Valley incident?

#BoycottChina Galwan Valley Incident

These days the India-China border clash is not hidden from anyone. On Monday evening, violent clashes broke out between the armies of the two countries at the Galwan Valley site. In which a colonel and 19 other Indian Army soldiers were killed.

It was the biggest confrontation along the Line of Actual Control between the two forces after the crash at Nathu La in 1967 when India lost about 80 soldiers and China lost more than 300 PLA ​​personnel.

There has been a long-standing demand in India for a boycott of Chinese products but after the Galwan Valley incident, Indian people have decided to boycott China altogether. You can see the “People boycott Chinese products” anti slogans on the Internet.

These days #BoycottChina is trending. In this situation, the Indian government can take some serious steps against China. The government may also decide to shut down Chinese companies from India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also made it clear in his speech yesterday that the sacrifice of the death of a soldier will not go in vain. We will take strict action against it. At this point, it becomes important to know what action India can take against China regarding the Galwan Valley incident?

If the demand for a boycott of Chinese products in India arises, the government may decide to shut down the Chinese company in India.

Let us tell you that China is the world’s largest exporter, its famous companies such as Vivo, Mi, Realme, TikTok, Helo have major demand in India.

There are a large number of Chinese companies in India but here are the top 5 companies, if India stops importing from these companies then it can affect the Chinese economy immensely or we can say that the GDP of China can be broken. is.

1. Xiaomi: Xiaomi is one of the most popular Chinese mobile company in India. The demand for Xiaomi phones in India is so high that it has covered almost one-fourth of the Indian mobile phone market. In the third quarter of 2019, Xiaomi had 26% Indian users.

2. TikTok: The next popular company is TikTok. Who doesn’t know about TikTok? Every youth is getting attracted towards this app. Tiktok made many people superstars. Currently, around 11.9 million users in India are using this app.

3. Helo: These days the Helo app is becoming popular in India. The Helo app is also a part of China. Currently, the Helo app has around 5 crore active users in India. This app from China giving a huge fight to the Indian app Sharechat.

4. VIVO: Vivo is a popular name in the mobile industry in India. These days Vivo has captured about 20% of the Indian mobile industry.

5. Oppo: Oppo is also another popular name in Indian mobile industry which has captured about 20 – 21% of the Indian mobile industry.

If we talk about these 3 companies Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, then 65-67% of the Indian mobile industry is occupied by these Chinese companies. Samsung is on the second number. Except for Samsung, all other companies are Chinese in Indian top 5 mobile companies.

UC Browser is another popular browsing company in China with 1.1 trillion active users worldwide, half of which are from India only. This means that nearly 500 million Indian users have downloaded the UC Browser.

According to sources, there are around 500 million smartphone users in India, so it is not wrong to say that almost every user uses the UC browser on their phone.

And, if we talk about games then PUBG is a popular name in the gaming industry. And, the situation is that India is the largest market for the PUBG game. Worldwide, it has about 5 crore users of which 21% (about 11.6 million users) are from India alone.

If India boycott these 5 companies then it will greatly affect the Chinese economy. China’s trading businesses may collapse.

What do you think How can India take action against China regarding the Galwan Valley incident? Share your comment below…

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